Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Welcome To My Home

It's been a journey in progress as we got our home ready for us but we are, for the most part, finished and I'm happy to be able to share it with you. I just wish we could put on a pot of tea and sit and visit but this will have to do.

This is a "memory"chest my father-in-law had gotten while in WW2 and he gave it to me shortly before his death. It brings fond memories and I plan to begin to place reminders of all the Lord has done for me inside of it.
The chest below the memory chest is a cedar chest that my dad gave my mom as a wedding present. I grew up loving it and polishing it and love having it in our master bedroom. When I open it I am transported back in time to days when I was a little girl and would gaze upon my mom's wedding dress and other treasures.

This is our guest bedroom-come stay awhile with us!

I bought this chair for a reading area in our old home and new it sits in my sewing room(which is still under construction and organization); but it is where I will sit reading the Word and spending time with my Lord.

Our living room~finally completed.

This is my dream kitchen and although it needs updating it is just fine for now-I love this space.

Our master bedroom-nice and comfortable for us and our dogs.

This is my antique quilt that my hubby's grandmother made in the 20's. I received it when I was 20 something and did the piecing before shipping it to Tennessee to be hand quilted by a cousin. I love the colors and have grown to love this show piece over the years; it is nice to be able to hang it in my sewing room.
Well I hope you enjoyed the tour!
Hugs to you today,


  1. Hi Noreen,
    Your home is so uncluttered and lovely, that makes cleaning and living easier, doesn't it.
    I am trying to do that some too,
    and I am definitely less cluttered than I used to be, but have a ways to go!! lol

    I agree that is a wonderful dream kitchen. I always love those built in's up there where you can decorate them, and an island is always nice as well.
    Doesn't look like it needs updating to me!!

    I had space on top of my cabinets to decorate in my first house, course, I did not like that kitchen
    at all, so when we moved here and
    bought another house, it did not have them, so thought that was a nice change but I see them all the time in models and in magazines and wish I had them again. Funny how you change!!

    Nice you will have a sewing room too. Hope you have years and years of wonderful and happy times in your new home dear. It is very pretty. Thanks for sharing, and
    hopefully one day we can all have
    a tea party, if not here, in the great by and by!! lol
    Blessings, Nellie

  2. What a great tour. Everything is lovely. I can tell you are just busting with happiness to be in your new place.I would love to get together with you and Marlene for lunch sometime. I only have Fridays off. Maybe Oct. 2nd or a later Friday.

  3. Noreen, your home is beautiful just like you. What a wonderful kitchen and your guest room, I love it. hugs and love my friend.

  4. Everything looks beautiful...I love the chests and quilt....

  5. Love the photos of your warm and inviting home. I'm glad you are getting settled in this lovely space.

    I will work on getting together---you, "grammy", and me when I get back from a wedding. We will look at a Friday in Octber.

  6. I love your photos Noreen! I can't decide which room I like the best *grin*

  7. Your home is just gorgeous. I love your kitchen too. So much wonderful storage. Congratulations and enjoy. Hugs, Marty

  8. Thanks for the tour--you're a great guide.
    Congratulations on your home.


  9. Hi Noreen,
    I enjoyed the tour of your new home. Everything looks wonderful and cozy! It's nice that your kitchen has an island. I'm so happy for you.....that you are in your new home! Congratulations!

  10. Noreen,

    I'm on my way over for a cup of tea!

    I love the uncluttered look your newly deocrated and set up home has ~ mine could use some decluttering, that's for sure :o)

    Your kitchen is truly a dream kitchen and it sure doesn't look like it needs updating to me ~ it's perfect :o)

    It'll be great to see your sewing room once it's completed and that quilt on the wall is a real treasure!

    I always loved my grandmother's old cedar chest as a child and was overjoyed when she left it to me after she died ... I cried when it got so badly damaged after one of our cross-country moves :o(

    Blessings on you and your family in your new home!

  11. Beautiful! I'm so glad you have your own home and one you are very glad to be in.

    Hoo Ray!


  12. Hi Sweetie! Just have to say that everything looks so great! I know you just smile and smile knowing that the majority of moving in is complete!

    That is a wonderful kitchen indeed!

    The chests are absolutely priceless
    treasures and are simply beautiful!! I know they make your heart glad as well.

    Have a wonderful Friday, and know that someone from Florida loves ya!!


  13. The house looks fantastic, Noreen! I haven't been blog hopping for well over a month I think, things have just been so crazy around here and trying to be balanced, the computer time got ousted. Hope to keep in touch more often as winter arrives with all it's blizzards and darkness and life is forced to settle down and stay inside.


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