Wednesday, September 30, 2009

God's Bounty

This last weekend I ran over to our local farm stand for some fresh, organic veges and came home with a couple of ears of corn. The corn was the sweetest I've tasted since living in Colorado and I immediately knew I had to have more to freeze for the winter. Many of you know that one of my only disappointments since moving to my new home state is the lack of sweet white corn like we had in Ca. Our friends have been very gracious to me over the past two years but I'm sure they got tired of my whining. So yesterday afternoon I grabbed my good friend and neighbor and we headed to the farm stand which closes this weekend for the year. I came home with 26 ears and after following the advice of my friend(who happens to be a Prov.31 lady), Sue @ I was able to prepare 11 bags of corn-enough I hope to last hubby and I several months. I do not buy frozen veges but I am going to enjoy the sweet taste of corn when the snow is piled up outside my door.
I am also looking forward to next spring and planting our own vegetable garden, even if it is a relatively small one~maybe our oldest daughter and her family will plant sweet corn for us.

May you enjoy His bounty.


  1. I know you're going to enjoy that corn this winter. It's wonderful frozen. Hugs..

  2. I would love to plant a vegetable garden. I'm starting with herbs though.

    BTW, I have a blog award for you today on Heart Choices. It's a fun one.

  3. You cannot beat fresh vegetables so I know you will truly enjoy your corn over the winter!

  4. Hi Noreen.
    Wow, that corn looks mighty good.
    I love corn on the cob too. We don't eat it that often, but it is really yummy when we do. Have you every tried roasting it on the grill, then putting lime butter on it. I made it once this spring
    and it was really good. That was great you were able to freeze all that corn, cause I do use frozen corn at times. My aunt used to live in Texas, and they had peach farms and she would go get passels of peaches and then freeze them like that so she could eat them all year long. She brought us some once, and they were scrumptious, I have to say.
    Am glad you found some corn you like, that is always fun to have something you have longed for awhile and then to find it!! Like finding gold!! only better!!
    Have a great day hon,
    Blessings, Nellie

  5. Yummm, that will be great to have in the freezer. I had some good corn from Walmart this year...but not as much luck as some years.

  6. I love sweet corn!!!

    I know how it is to relocate and lose some of the things you enjoyed eating and ESPECIALLY having to leave friends.

    I've done it a few times. :( But I trust GOD :)

    Love you.

  7. I need to find out how to do that! I love more than anything fresh corn! Hope you enjoy it for months to come!!


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