Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Dear Friends, In the past I have shared the ongoing trail that our grand daughter "Peanut" has endured with GERD(Acid Reflux Disease) and asked for prayer for her mom,Kim, and dad, Eric. The specialists that have seen her at Children's Hospital in Denver are at a loss on how to control her production of acid and how to treat it. They feel that the last choice is surgery and our Peanut is only 2. Today Kim and Eric take Peanut for a consultation with a doctor who is a team member with two others who specialize in a holistic approach, they work along side of the primary doctors. Unfortunately, the one doctor we were referred to didn't have any openings until next year and the doctor they are seeing is geared more towards traditional medicine. Would you join me in lifting our little Peanut up before the Throne of Jehovah Rophe and ask for wisdom and healing for this child. She has gone through so much and the doctor's in Denver do not feel surgery would work for her. There has to be a natural alternative out there to stop the production of acid and to stop these episodes which occur at an incredible frequency and last sometimes over an hour.
Bless you as you lift up our little one, may He be glorified by her life.


  1. I am praying for your little granddaughter. Hugs

  2. Prayers went up on her behalf. That is such a hard thing for you all to go through...well mostly her.

  3. I will remember her in prayer. It's so awful when a little one like this is in pain. BUT how wonderful that she already knows at this tender age who to turn to. What a precious child!

  4. Lifting her and the family up now....

  5. Thanks Mom, and thanks to all the amazing woman around the world lifting our little one up.

  6. Oh Nan, may the natural resource your family seek be JEHOVAH RAPHA, our Healer. May He touch and completely heal your precious grand baby.

    May wisdom and direction be given to the parents and doctors.

    Love you.

  7. I will continue to prayer for your family and especially your little Peanut and the doctors who care for her.

  8. I'm stopping by from Lisa Shaw.....oh friend...YES, I'll be praying for your little peanut...and your daughter and her husband too!!

    I'll be checking back, believing and trusting in a GOOD report.

  9. Our family will be praying for your grand baby. May He bring all of you His peace which surpasses all understanding as you go through this trial. May He be your strength and hope. May His Word rise up in each of you and bring you comfort as You wait on Him.

  10. Hi Noreen, Peanut is and has been on my prayer list,as well as you all. I believe in Holistic medicine, and I know God has a plan for her, My God can do anything!
    One of our granddaughters had this until she was 8 mos, old. I know somewhat of what she and the family is going through. I watched as our daughter became so frustrated with a doctor that had no sympathy for them. But God reached down and healed her, and I know what he did for Katie He will do for Peanut.

  11. I'm so sorry to hear about your little grand-daughter. My prayers go up for your lil "peanut" and for you all as well.

    Love and Blessings to you,

  12. Good morning Nor, You know i have and will continue to pray for Peanut. I know it has to be difficult to see your daughter and this precious one go through this ordeal. May God touch her and heal her in the mighty name of Jesus!

    I just love your heart Nor. Hope your day is full of sweet blessings.
    Love ya,


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