Thursday, September 17, 2009

Here we are again celebrating reasons and blessings in our lives, cultivating an attitude of gratitude and thankfulness. In my life, focusing on my many blessings helps me have such a better attitude.

Today I am so thankful for the love of God, His Son and His Spirit that loves unconditionally. I am thankful that I know Him personally and that we have the freedom here in the U.S. to worship without fear of persecution.
I am thankful that we have been in our home now a week and despite some disorganized areas it is now feeling like our own nest.
I am thankful for my beloved hubby who worked days upon days to get it ready for us. What a man I'm married to, such an incredible blessing to me. I am so appreciative of my two daughters, their hubbies and each sweet grandchild.
I am thankful for being able to get out and walk again almost every morning; exercise feels so good.
I am thankful for the sister in Christ, who happens to be one of my closet friends here, who met me to walk and pray yesterday and who I got to spend the morning with. She is like a breath of fresh air to my spirit.
I am so grateful and thankful that our youngest daughter got an appt. for our little Peanut with the holistic doctor in the neighboring town. I am thankful that he has been trained as a traditional doctor but called into more natural healing. I am trusting and thanking the Lord that there has to be some natural cures out there for a two year old with severe GERD. I am so grateful for my brother and sil for their constant support and encouragement to our entire family.
I am thankful for sweet blogging friends who are faithful prayer partners; especially Carol and her encouragement and Quilts for the North, Becky who is such a ray of sunshine, Debbie in Arizona, Lisa Shaw, my prayer pals from Spiritually Unequal Marriages, Nellie, Sue, Marlene, Pam and so many others.
I am thankful for another beautiful day in which to live and worship my King.
I am thankful that the Lord has assigned me my portion and my cup and made my lot secure.

Blessings to you this day, may your life overflow with love.


  1. Yes, yes! So many reasons to be thankful! Keep me posted on how "Peanut" is doing with any new treatment. Let's talk about her situation sometime.

  2. Amen!


  3. Love your new fall theme and your thankful list...will be praying for your grandchild....

  4. Hello, Dear Noreen
    I am still crying from this sweet post, of all that you are thankful for today, I am so blessed by this.

    I am so happy that you are in your nest and getting settled in, God Is so gracious to us all!
    It is I who needs to apologize for not staying in touch , I have so missed our visits, and emails, I am so hoping things will settle down soon. We have been so busy with church activities, as well as things here at home.
    This week there are four meetings we are suppose to attend, and when I get home I have been so tired. oh excuses excuse! lol.
    Just keep walking, and getting healthy, i am so glad God has given you such a great friend to walk with.

    I love your new fall look!
    Blessings, Sue

  5. Hi Nor! Your new fall blog is so cute! What a lovely thankful list, and even more lovely...the heart that wrote it!

    I'm delighted to hear that you have a walking buddy, and are settling in! What a joy!!

    Will keep praying for your little Peanut. God will do it!

    Our Keeper's meeting went really well! What a great group of girls we have. Off to a wonderful start for sure.

    Gotta go do dinner!
    Love and hugs to you, my special friend! You are a blessing to many and a big one to me!!

  6. Thank you for this post. I needed to be reminded to be thankful today - it has been one of those days and I'm so far from being done. I am so thankful I took a break from a long workday to read a couple of blogs.

    Loved the pictures of your home - especially the memory chest - what a great idea!

  7. Your *thankful list* has been a blessing to my heart today!

    I forgot to mention how very special your idea for a *Memory Chest* was in the previous post :o)

    Praying that this new doctor will have some real solutions to your Peanut's problems...

  8. Hi Noreen,
    Good to see you back in blogging world. What a great list of blessings, don't you just love thankful Thursday. It causes me to have to focus on my blessings,
    and that keeps me a happy and joyful girl!! I still have to do my post yet, but I have been thinking of my blessings all day,
    so it shouldn't take long once I
    sit down. I am thankful for you too sweetie, isn't it great to be sisters in Christ!! The Lord sure knew what he was doing.
    You have a great day, so glad you are feeling so at home in your new nest. I bet it is fun opening your eyes up every morning to your new surroundings. Tell your hubby we think he is a great guy after all that hard work!!
    Blessings, Nellie
    P.S. will be praying for the new have some divine answers really soon!!

  9. So glad to read that your granddaughter has an appointment with this doctor you mentioned and also that you have a friend to walk with! I'm thankful for you too, my praying friend. I'll email you later today as it's 1:30 in the morning now. Love you, Debbie

  10. What a wonderful list of thankfulness. Hugs and love

  11. amen!! these are great things to be thankful for :-) mee tooooo!!


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