Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Hello dear friends; although this is a tad bit late today I would like to share some of the blessings I've received today. Firstly and foremost, a brand new day to live and to serve the Lord.
This week has been jam packed with activities, today was no different but it felt so much more relaxed and peaceful. My granddaughter's therapy was canceled so her mama, three girls and I went out to shop. The girls were so well behaved and patient and it was a pleasure to stroll leisurely around the store. We arrived back at their house and right across the street is a large pond. It makes you feel like you are not in a neighborhood but out in the country; a giant blue Heron landed on the grass next to the pond. What a sight to behold; we often seen Egrets but this was unexpected and magnificent. As Peanut and I stood watching it I caught a glimpse of the muskrat that lives in the pond. I wasn't able to get a close look of him but it was fun none the less to see him swim right toward the Heron. I anticipated the Heron going after him for lunch but as we got closer the giant bird just took off.
After leaving my girl's house I stopped by our local coffee shop and visited with two of my good friends. There are weeks when we see each other on a regular basis and other weeks in winter when we don't, so it was nice to catch up.
When I got home I was able to do a bit of sewing on squares for my wall hanging. In a little while I'm going across the street to watch our other grandchildren so mom and dad can go get some coffee with friends. It has been a day filled with love and joy; for this I am so thankful.


  1. Gosh, you're such a nice grandma! I love that you delight in simple things. Enjoyed reading your list.

  2. Sounds like a great day (o: Tomorrow I get to have lunch with a friend (o: daughter will be back so I will also visit with her for awhile.

  3. Can I have you for my grandma?
    Sounds like a wonderful day.

    Hugs friend.

  4. And we're so thankful for you! :) Thanks for coming over this afternoon, I know Faith really enjoyed her special time. :) You are the best!


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