Tuesday, April 7, 2009

His Creation

All winter I have been lamenting that our little red fox was nowhere to be seen. Saturday evening hubby and I spotted her at dusk working on a den; we were so excited to see her again. This fox was a symbol of nature's finest in Colorado and made our move even sweeter last year as we settled into our new area. This year when we didn't see her or our local eagle, we were quite disappointed. Yesterday we were driving by the field where we spotted the fox the other night and now we know why she hasn't been around-she has 6 little cubs to contend with.

These pictures don't accurately show how tiny they are but they are so cute. Mama kept her eye on us as we put the car in park and got the camera out. The picture with the drainage pipe doesn't show Mama inside watching out for her cubs. I immediately called our oldest so she could take her little ones over and possibly do a science report for homeschooling. They came over after they drove over and they actually saw 9 cubs. Later they researched Red Fox and found out that the litters are usually half the size of this one and that the cubs make their first appearance at 5 weeks of age. Oh what simple beauty and joy.
Oh what a glorious world the Lord has blessed us with.

The only song I could come up with for this week of songs is: Holy, Holy Is The Lord.
All of creation in heaven and earth bow down before Him and cry Holy, Holy, They cry Holy, Holy is the Lord.


  1. Oh, I so agree, the Lord provides such beauty all around us in his flowers, tree and many wonder wildlife animals. So glad you and the children got to see the little babies. Just another blessing of God's creation. Hugs, Marty

  2. Nor
    These pictures are wonderful - 9 cubs is a huge litter. It truly is a beautiful sight!!

  3. Oh!!!! Oh! Just.....OH! These pictures of God's creation and new miraculous life just inspire hope, joy and worship in me. I feel so full of hope and joy today that I am practically brimming with it.

    I dreamed all night of new lambs, but nothing yet this morning. I anticipate all this new life with bated breath!

  4. We have a mother fox close my our town too and every year we watch for her and her babies. They are just so cute. Love the pictures.

  5. Oh! Good for you! Fox love chickens, but I can't help but find to fox and thier kits beautiful!


  6. I love how you delight in the simple things like wild animals. How cool was that to see? Maybe they aren't so simple after all.

  7. How sweet! Thanks for showing these pictures--they are so beautiful! Hope you have a Happy Easter!! He is RISEN!!


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