Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday Memories

A sweet friend sent me this photo yesterday and it brought a smile to my heart so I thought I'd share it here. A group of ladies from my old church used to meet once a month for two hours and make chemo quilts for children. We had a mass production of the quilts and they were never quilted but tied but we had such a blast making them. It is so interesting when you gather a group of five or more ladies to see all the opinions.
There was only one other quilter in the group and as most quilters are, we had very definite opinions on colors etc. All in all, over one year I think we made around 4 dozen quilts, maybe more. This picture was taken right before we moved and one of the gals is now battling brain cancer.
I miss these sweet friend and the times together, the silly laughter and producing something for gravely ill children. Makes me want to get in and get sewing.


  1. oh how poignant. I just made te suggestion at our last women's ministry committee meeting that we do a church quilt to send with our students to some of our missionaries in Mexico. I thought each of us could embroider a word "faith, hope, love, patience," etc on our square... I love the idea. It would be a chance for the seasoned quilters and Grandma's to pass along their know how to the next generation and it would bring us all together.

  2. Love the quilt. My friend goes to a little church in Allens Park. The ladies make a quilt for people in their area that are sick or in the hospital....they pray for the person while quilting.

    Cozy Cow may have already discovered it. It is on county road 17. Phone # 970 587 6960. They said you can watch the milking any day from 10 to 12. They have a little store to buy milk, cheese and ice cream. Let me know if you have been there.

  3. I love seeing the quilt and reading the post.

  4. What a beautiful picture... I'm sure it made you miss them so much. :(

  5. awww that's lovely you make quilts for cancer children but not so lovely your friend is afflicted. Praying for her here.


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