Saturday, February 4, 2023

The High Country

Happy February to you!  It is still very cold here in Northern Colorado, but blue skies are back and that helps everyone feel better.  However, it is Coyote mating season and they have been on the prowl.   While typically it isn't a concern, this year we've seen one Coyote that was shot in the leg and he spent quite a bit of time up next to our wrought iron fence. It being shot was very upsetting, but a wounded animal can also pose a threat to pets; that was our main concern. Thankfully, we haven't seen him a few days and neighbors were told by local wildlife rescue that he probably mended on his on.  
Today, hubby and I took some dear friends up to Rocky Mountain National Park to walk around one of the lakes and then have lunch afterwards.  While the weather was nicer than it has been, there was a wind that made it feel colder.  Here we are on the lake; don't worry, rangers told us that it would be safe to walk across.  Our friends made it across, but due to the depth of the snow I choose not to and hubby stayed by my side.

Here our pups have been staying inside where the temp is warmer than outside.  They are the best buddies and we love watching them together.
Miss Emmy with one of her favorite toys.  

 I hope this finds you healthy and staying warm!  



  1. Hell dear Friend, we have coyotes around here too, rarely see one though, but can hear them at night.
    Your pups are adorable, I would have chosen to stay put too! ~smile~
    So nice to hear from you, I think of you so often.

  2. So fun to get out and explore with your friends! We've had a problem with coyotes here too. Best to keep pets indoor for sure. We've been very vigilant with ours. Hoping he's moved on. Blessings to you!


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