Monday, September 19, 2022

 Hello friends,  You probably have wondered where I've been and what I've been up too; obviously my blog seems to have fallen to the bottom of the list of my priorities.  I wish I could say it will change, but who knows.  I miss you all!

Our summer has been so busy; we have had some great camping trips and the most exciting one was two weeks in Montana.  We've never been gone with the trailer that long and it worked out so well. Even the dogs did better than we expected.  We've had other local, three day trips that make my heart sing; of course we have decided that there is a certain couple that we just don't enjoy that much.  Our good friends of 40 years always make camping so much fun and we are so grateful that they live here now.  Last week hubby and I got away for two days, by ourselves with the dogs and it was fun. We find it much more low key when we are alone~we play games and watch movies if the weather doesn't permit us to be outside.

Here are just a few photos from last week~even though it was nice outside we had our coffee around a campfire.

We only took one kayak, as someone-namely me, thought the water might be too cold.

Hunter with hubby.
After many walks and runs on the beach, Emmy crashed.  
That's about it for now; we have family coming in for a short visit this week and there is so much left to do in preparation.  We haven't seen my brother and sister of my heart since pre-Covid and we simply can't wait.  There will be two larger family dinners with all 17 of us.  
May your day be blessed.

Noreen, Hunter and Emmy

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  1. Welcome back to blogland, your 2 week vacation in Montana looks like fun and your future plans too, a family dinner with 17 people, wow.


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