Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Hello,  It's hard to believe that most of the day has gone by~it has been a great day none the less.
First thing this morning I had my ladies group and it was so good.  I got home, hubby and I had lunch~I have to tell you that I stopped at Pannera's yesterday and got a take out container of their Autumn Squash soup.  I love their Butternut Squash soup and this was just as good.  So I had a bowl for lunch today, again I love it.  It would make a great sauce for a white fish; I need to google their recipe and see if I can achieve the same wonderful taste.  Hubby was surprised that it was so sweet.
After that we headed up to the mountains again to see if we could find some great pics.  We did and also had a great surprise-but  you will have to wait until tomorrow to find out what it was.  We drove through Boulder Canyon and I got to see the area where blogging friend KB lives-but I'm not exactly sure where she is located.  It was such a beautiful day for a drive; I feel that I have done my best to see the colors and will have to wait until next year.  I will also say that last year I messaged KB, but it was in Oct., about the colors etc.-so my take on it is that  our colors have peaked a lot earlier than last  year.  Tonight we are going to our daughter's home because it is Miss D's 8th birthday and Little Man's 4th birthday celebration.  He turned four and celebrated last week in Disneyland; can't you just imagine what a birthday memory that will be.  Tomorrow I'm watching some of the girls and then we have a dinner with friends.  Friday I'll be watching more of the girls and then we have another family birthday party.  September is quite the birthday month, all three are within a week of each other.
I hope you've had a great day!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Memories of Wildlife

Happy Tuesday to you! Last Saturday hubby and I took a drive out the Poudre Canyon, basically to see if we could spot any colors. The trip was a bust that way, but it made me remember other drives we've taken in the Canyon. Back in 2010, we decided to take such a drive and I couldn't believe that I spotted this bear; I told hubby he had to pull over so we could get pictures. I love having a telephoto lens just for that reason. It was so exciting to watch this guy and we were far enough away that we weren't in any danger.  I believe from the size that he was fairly young.

We stood watching him for an hour at least-so remarkable.  We've had friends that have lived here their whole life and not seen one; in fact, one friend was quite jealous.  Now if you know my friend KB, who lives up in the mountains, you know she gets them all the time along with a lot of other incredible wildlife.  This was the second time in our lives that we saw one; the first was when we lived in Ca. and were driving in one night to our cabin~one big old bear crossed the road in front of us.  I will say that time it was a bit scary.  When we went to Alaska 3 years ago, I watched and watched for some-to no avail.  I love seeing them from a distance and wouldn't want them around my yard.  I also remember going to Yosemite when I was about 6 yrs old and staying in a small cabin with my mom and dad.  Each night the bears would roam through the areas surrounding the cabins, looking for trash.  We could hear them and I think even saw them in the area.
I've also been thinking about the colors changing and I have a hankering to get up to Steamboat Springs for a night or so, we'll see if we can make it work.  I've walked already, finished washing some more windows and now going to look at a sewing project I need to finish.  Hubby will be gone all day until about 7:30 tonight, so I've got plenty of time to play.  I hope you have a great day today.
Joy to you!

Monday, September 26, 2016

It's A Good Life

Happy Monday to you. Here in northern Colorado, we can tell Autumn is really here~the nights are really cool and there is a dusting of snow up in the Rockies. Please no more snow-I'm not ready for it yet. Hubby and I went on another drive on Saturday, looking for more colors up in the Canyon but we didn't see any. I'm still wanting to see more and that may mean a longer drive with a night away-we'll see.
 For the last week, Petrol was with us. She is such a sweet dog and was a great playmate for Hunter. Our neighbors even brought their dog Odie over to play; all three got along perfectly.

Yesterday afternoon I went by our oldest daughter's home to pick up some fresh veggies and a special treat. I haven't seen Copper and Lily in a couple of weeks, so it was fun to see everyone briefly. Copper had recently been groomed and she looked so gorgeous. I don't think she's gotten any bigger, she is now almost 9 months old.

I'm off to walk this morning and then not sure what hubby and I will do this afternoon-except all my windows need to be washed and the screens hosed down, so maybe that is what I'll accomplish. I'm ready to put the binding on one quilt and I found a Christmas wall hanging on Friday that I will want to start this week-it is a simple panel, but I loved the fabric. My blue quilt, from Oregon will probably wait until after the holidays because I've got too many other projects to work on.
I hope whatever you have planned for today, that you find some time to spend outside.
Noreen and Hunter

Friday, September 23, 2016

Dreaming of Vermont

Happy Friday! Today I'm heading down to Longmont for lunch and a quilt show with several friends. While I'm away though, I'll be dreaming of someday getting back to New England for the Autumn colors.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy some time outside this weekend!
Joy to you!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Happy Fall

Happy Fall to you! This is my favorite season, but it hasn't always been. I think my love affair with fall started when my girls were teens and we began doing more arts and crafts during this season. I can truly say as I was growing up that Spring held my heart, but that was decades ago. Now I embrace the sights and scents of fall. For our 25th wedding anniversary, my dear hubby gave me/us a trip to New England. Oh my goodness I felt like I was in heaven. I loved how everyone decorated their porches with mums; in fact, the first stop we made once we got home was at the garden center to buy Mums. So yesterday I finished getting out my harvest decorations. I'm sure I could still add more and probably will but for now I'm happy with it. I've got Spiced Apple candles going as well.

I hope you have a favorite thing about fall.  I would love to have some red plaid throws to put out, but  I have several fall quilts I have on the couches, so that if it is cool we can cover up.  Today will be a day to stay home I think.  May your day be filled with joy, love and blessings.

Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Wednesday friends,  I have begun to decorate for fall more seriously, but need a few more touches, before I share.  Yesterday was a good day which included time to be together with other quilters and a relaxed afternoon.  Today I'm off to a ladies study this morning and then this afternoon my neighbor and I will go to lunch prior to heading to another close friends home; the friend whose home we are going to sells jewelry and purses.  My neighbor needs a new purse, so we'll drive out to see if we can find one and save on retail prices.  Not much to report here; we are still having cool mornings that warm up and then hit the high 80's, with cool nights.  By next week we are supposed to have showers.  Do you ever wonder why you fill your schedule with so many activities?  I am!  Friday I am driving a group of ladies to a quilt show in Longmont; of course we'll do lunch before hand.  It will be fun, but by Saturday I'll be ready to stay inside.  We've had our daughter's mini-Schnauzer all week; she is such a sweetie and I know Hunter will miss her when they come home on Saturday.
I hope you find some joy in your day today.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Fall In The High Country

Happy Tuesday to you. I hope you had a wonderful weekend(this was supposed to be posted yesterday, but I put the wrong date) and enjoyed some nice weather. Here in northeast Colorado, the colors are beginning to change. As with most of the country, the weather this year has been different than normal and we are seeing this manifest in the lack of trees changing color. Hubby's schedule has been so busy lately, so I told him we needed to get to the mountains before the trees have all changed. So Sunday morning we hit the road with our destination being Grand Lake; we drove through RMNP and were surprised that we didn't see many Aspens that had changed or any Elk. After all, it is Rutting season and normally they would be stopping traffic. We then took Trail Ridge over to Grand Lake and began to see some colors. We had a lovely lunch in a quaint place called the Sagebrush Grill; I loved all the antique farming tools hanging on the walls. This little town is so cute and fun to walk through. In one store, I heard a clerk saying the colors had already peaked. We knew we would have quite a drive home, so didn't stay too long. On our way to Granby, we began to see some of the colors we were what we were looking for. I still long to get back to Maine and New England to really see the intense colors, someday.

We ended up driving over 230 miles and got home before dinner time.  We had recorded the Bronco's game, so watched while we had dinner~Go Broncos.  Yesterday was filled with errands and also meeting a friend for coffee.  Today I have my quilting club and I love it-it keeps me motivated to continue on, even when I'd rather be outside.  This is my busy week-activities every day but Thursday.  Sometimes I wonder why I schedule so much.
Share a smile with someone you don't know today, it may just brighten their day and be what they need.