Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Three Peas in a Pod, Minus One

Happy Wednesday to you. Although it looks like spring here in Colorado, the temp is only 38 degrees. This photo was from last week when Hunter was sporting his Irish bandana.
Here's Lilly, she's starting to show her age-10 years and lets the pups know when they need to back off.
Copper is such a good dog, most of the time she is really mellow.  You should see her run in their yard though; when Hunter is playing tag with her, she actually grabs his tail in her mouth~something she learned from Lilly.
The one pup missing is sweet Petrol....I'll have her tomorrow and Hunter will enjoy their play time.
I'm taking a neighbor to lunch for her birthday and then hope to do some sewing.
I hope whatever you have planned today includes something that makes you smile.
Noreen and the pack

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson

I have always loved Tracie Peterson's historical novels.  Her writing draws me into the story, with accurate portrayals and rich characters; this book was no exception.  Set it the mid-1800's, a young woman finds herself caring for her two sisters after her parents have died.  Leaving her family home and marrying a minister out of convenience, she find herself on a wagon train heading towards Oregon.  I appreciated the main character Grace, for her wisdom of herbs and the healing properties they offered.  On the trail her husband dies and she stops at the Whitman Mission until they can proceed to Oregon.

From the Author:
 " Grace Martindale has known more than her share of hardship. After her parents died, raising her two younger sisters became her responsibility. A hasty marriage to a minister who is heading to the untamed West seemed like an opportunity for a fresh start, but a cholera outbreak along the wagon trail has left Grace a widow in a very precarious position.
Having learned natural remedies and midwifery from her mother, Grace seeks an opportunity to use her skills for the benefit of others. So when she and her sisters arrive at the Whitman mission in “Oregon Country,” she decides to stay rather than push on.
With the help of Alex Armistead, a French-American fur trapper, Grace begins to provide care for her neighbors, including some of the native populace. But not everyone welcomes her skills–or her presence–and soon Grace finds herself and those she loves in more danger than she imagined possible."

After Grace realizes that the native peoples are not the demons some people portray them as, she seeks to help them as well.  The white people were also equally vicious on their attacks of the natives. The story is fascinating and suspenseful and I did not want to put the book down; the only thing I found difficult was waiting until this summer for the next book in the series.  I would rate this 10 stars, out of 10.  If you like historical fiction, look for this book~it won't disappoint.
I would like to thank Bethany House for the opportunity to review this book.  I was provided this book in exchange for my honest opinion; I received no compensation for my review.


Monday, March 20, 2017

St. Patrick's Day

Happy Monday to you! We are having beautiful, spring-like weather and I'm taking advantage of it. I'll walk in a little bit and then I"m sure my day will include some outdoor time. Later this week we are supposed to get rain-which we truly need. For now, this Irish gal is very happy! On Friday our oldest daughter Carrie hosted a St. Patrick's Day tea & luncheon for all of the gals. Hubby took the three boys out to lunch, but didn't get any photos. Carrie set a beautiful table with her China and even some of the Belleek pottery that I bought her in Ireland. She had sandwiches, cucumbers with avocado and capers, cheese, crackers; I brought green fruit and Kim brought dessert~an Irish tea cake. Here are both daughters with all of the granddaughters; be still my heart-love my family to pieces!  Everyone knows they have to wear green-even if it is jewelry or just a little bit.  Even the boys had green on.

After lunch, the kiddos all went outside to play in the sunshine.  The schools were off last week for winter break, or maybe it was spring break so the girls were able to be outside during school hours.  Typically, they stay inside during the regular school hours.
Not much on the agenda this week~a couple of meetings and I'm taking a neighbor to lunch on Wednesday for her birthday.  Oh yes, I have to go to DMV to renew my license, for some weird reason(maybe I've never had one in this county before) I have to go in person and couldn't do it online.
I hope you have a spectacular day!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Primal Treats Beef Liver Munchies from Chewy

Hello friends, It's that time for another great product review from Chewy. As a #Chewy Influencer, Hunter is able to sample treats and food in exchange for our honest opinion. WE LOVE CHEWY! Hunter loves Beef Liver, so I was anxious to see how he liked these treats.
He's already trying to get the package open and telling me to hurry up with the photos.
These treats are the perfect size for him, either added to his kibble or just a treat. They are easy to break as well.
Can you tell how much he wants it? He absolutely loves this liver munchie and I'm beginning to think about adding some of their other freeze dried products to his daily kibble. I've mentioned it before, but Hunter is the pickiest eater we've ever had. It can make life challenging at times, but we love him!


Wholesome, human-grade treats that are packed with flavor and protein are the kind of treats dogs and
cats can rally behind. Primal Beef Liver Munchies Freeze-dried Dog & Cat Treats are produced using
 beef raised in the United States without antibiotics or added hormones, and contain no preservatives,
grain or gluten. These treats get their concentrated meaty flavor and high-density nourishment from the
 low-temperature freeze-drying technique. As a single source protein, Beef Liver Munchies offer a
 healthy snack for cats and a nutritious training and obedience reward for dogs.

Key Benefits

  • Human-grade treats for both dogs and cats are crunchy and have an irresistible flavor
  • Made with a single source protein and without preservatives, added salt, or added sugar, they are the
  •  kind of snack dogs and cats can rally behind
  • Produced using beef raised in the United States for a high protein and healthy delicacy
  • Treats get their concentrated meaty flavor and high-density nourishment from the low-temperature
  •  freeze-drying technique
  • As a single source protein, Beef Liver Munchies offer a healthy snack for cats and a nutritious training and obedience reward for dogs
I love the fact that this is produced here in the U.S. and natural, without added preservatives.  WE rate 
these 10 Stars for the quality and company standards.  Hunter is always up for just one more.
WE want to thank Natalie and all of Chewy's staff for this wonderful program.  WE order many 
food items from them and also like that you can have things auto-shipped to your door.  You can
 check out these treats and many more
Noreen and Hunter

Friday, March 17, 2017

Happy St. Patrick's Day

I want to share a little bit of my Irish decor with you.  On our dining room table, I have a Maple Leaf Dish that I gave to my mother when I was very young; I got it at our local department store and loved the design.  That's all I knew about it, until I turned it over last year and saw the Beleek Emblem on the back-I was shocked.  I probably only paid a few dollars for this candy dish, but to see it was Beleek made my heart sing.  Beleek is pottery made in Southern Ireland and very expensive.  Now this dish holds plastic Shamrocks in honor of my mom(who always wore plastic Shamrock earrings.

 This little plate isn't Beleek, but I love the sentiment.
This was one of the pieces we bought at the Beleek factory two years ago.  I got my girls some pieces too.
The tall vase in the back came from the factory as well, but years earlier when my brother and sister of my heart were there.  I love it.  We purchased the bowl in front of it when we were there two years ago.

Today is a very special day in our family and we celebrate it in style. When our daughters were little they would wake up to find gold glitter sprinkled across their dressers and treats, not only gold wrapped chocolates, but other things such as ribbons and socks laid out. We always wear green and I recount the stories of Ireland I heard while growing up. My mom always wore a green plastic hat to work as well as green plastic Shamrock earrings. My dad always sent her a bouquet of green Carnations. For dinner we always had Corned Beef, Cabbage, Carrots and Potatoes-the same meal we eat every year. My sweet hubby never had this meal until he met me; if it weren't for the high sodium content of Corned Beef, we'd have it much more often. That said, when we purchased ours at Costco last week, we bought two-one is in the freezer. Today I'll be wearing the green and having lunch with our daughters and granddaughters. Hubby will be taking the boys out to lunch. We will be taking our meal over to one daughter's house and spending the evening with them; Hunter will stay with them while we are in Ca. for the Memorial Service in a couple of weeks. We feel that he needs time over there to get used to their house and yard; he's never stayed with them before, but he'll love it with all the attention from the grands.
I truly believe that for many in the U.S. they become honorary Irish for the day.  I hope whatever you've got planned for the day includes eating something green.
Irish Blessings to you!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Did you figure out which President it was I referred to in yesterday's post?
I love the photo below-it was everything about Ireland I loved-rolling hills, sheep and cattle and homes from decades ago.  This picture was taken from the cemetery where my great grandparents are buried.
We will have a girlie tea party tomorrow and then a traditional Irish-American dinner tomorrow night.  I grew up eating Corned Beef and Cabbage and thought everyone in Ireland did as well-the answer is it was something available for the immigrants and relatively inexpensive.  In Ireland you are more likely to have Lamb Stew, Fish and lots of Potatoes.
Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

New Ross

Hello again, The photos below are where my paternal grandparents were from; it's in Southern Ireland and a previous President's family were from there-can you guess who? I've mentioned it previously that there was a good chance we were distant cousins.

This doorway led to a church, but residents reside there so we couldn't disturb them.  The cemetery was intriguing though-we didn't find any relatives headstones there.

May the sun shine brightly on you today.