Tuesday, June 12, 2018

We Are Family

Good Morning to you! I hope your weekend and Monday were great and that today is just as fine. As you know, our youngest daughter and her family are getting one of Carrie's pups and we are so excited from them. Kim's family lost their Samson several summers ago and they knew they'd always get another big dog, but had to have one that didn't shed. So they were the first to pick out this little guy~name Banning; yes it's another Irish name. Here he is pictured with their toy Schnauzer, Petrol.

We took Hunter over on Sunday to have some play time, but it was already really hot out and the pups didn't play as much as I thought they would. Banning is already taller than Hunter and as cute as any pup in the litter.  Banning is learning how to play from Copper and she has already brought him stuffed toys and taught him tug-of-war.  He is pretty much house trained(amazing at just 8 weeks), so he'll go home to Kim's and make it easy.  All his littermates have left now, so he is adjusting to being with  Copper and Lily; Lily is even playing with him.  He will be staying at Carrie's until Saturday and then will be enveloped into a household of love and activity.  The grands are so very excited about him; I'm happy to say that Petrol adjusted well to him; usually she is a typical "terrier" and a bit grumbly.  Yesterday they were so cute together and Banning actually gave Petrol lots of kisses.
I'm so thankful that one pup is staying in the family!  Also yesterday, our youngest granddaughter Miss E(dog lover extraodinaire) asked if Nana could please go get Heidi for a visit.  I told Carrie to tell her that when we get Banning and Heidi together for a playdate, I'll make sure she is there.  She fell in love with Heidi and one other little female.  I see a dog owner in the future...which will mean there are three poodle owners in Carrie's family; of course Miss E is still really  young-I figure it will be another five-8 years before she gets one.  Miss O on the other hand will be one in two years.
I'm off to walk now, then will have quilting with Miss O and later today a bike ride.  I had a little thing on my back removed, but I can't do weights for another week or so, so for now I'm walking and biking.
Joy to you!


  1. Hi Noreen. Thanks for the sweet comment. I know what you mean! I fine blogging takes more time and effort than IG. But I shall try to keep going with it.
    The pups are SO cute! Who would have thought that we would fall in love with a little Dachshund????
    XO Kris

  2. So nice to visit with you, sweet friend! God bless you!


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