Thursday, June 14, 2018

Happy Thursday to you! I hope your week has gone quickly; to those who live near the wildfires in southern Colorado, please be safe. Yesterday we met our daughter's inlaws for lunch, something we do every month or so. We went to a local brewery and I ordered the gluten free Shrimp Tacos; I specifically asked if they were spicy, as I have gotten where I don't like anything more than mild. The waitress assured me that they weren't. It is a very nice looking plate.

However, now I know to ask what type of seasoning is on the shrimp or was Cayenne Pepper and was spicy. I scraped it all off and it wasn't too bad. Today, I've already walked my 3 miles with a neighbor and in a bit have to go to the doctor to have 9 stitches taken out(I had a little lipoma taken out last week). I haven't been able to lift any weights at the gym, so just doing bicep curls, walking and bike riding. Next week we head out to attend a wedding in Ca. so will also miss the gym-it will be like starting over when we get back.
For those of you who visit here, I want to ask if you have seen a huge decline in visitors to your blogs. With everyone active on FB and Instagram, I'm sure many have stopped blogging.  However, I never started blogging to get followers, but got used to those would would come and comment.  Now I understand why so many are quitting this wonderful world of blogging.
Have a great day.

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