Friday, June 8, 2018

A Challenge Quilt

Happy Friday! I want to share my challenge quilt with you; today is the day we turn it in. Back in February, we were presented with a fun challenge~using only fabric from our stash, cut 5" squares and make a quilt without cutting them or using a pattern. The gal that was hosting this challenge had made one previously and her theme was Seasons. I knew immediately I would need a theme/story centered around the quilt I'd make. This is what I came up with; make sure you read the theme behind it(next picture). It has machine quilting as well as all the different size circles are hand quilted. Today we have our monthly meeting and we are taking our quilts in a nondescript grocery bag and then have to vote on who made which quilt. Since many of the gals know I was raised and lived most of my life in northern Ca. they will no doubt figure out mine first. Those participating put $5. in and the quilts will be taken to our local quilt store in town(without our names on them)and be judged for creativity. Remember, we've got some incredible quilters in our group-both with piecing and also machine quilting. I would love to win the gift card, which could amount to $55. We'll see.

Meanwhile now that this is done, I have three other quilts in the midst of stages that I need to work on.  It's been hot here this week, which I love!  We are running our AC and trying to get all our outside jobs done in the early morning.   I'm looking forward to a great weekend; I hope you have a fantastic one.

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