Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Photograph by Beverly Lewis

Another great book by Beverly Lewis has just come out and let me tell you it was the best of her recent stories.  I have always loved her writing, but in recent years felt that the story lines were very similar; however, this story was new and refreshing.
From the author's website:
"He studied the picture more closely, finding it curious that the young woman looked so boldly into the camera while wearing a white prayer Kapp shaped like a heart--the characteristic head covering for the Lancaster County Old Order Amish."

The story takes place in Lancaster County and is woven around three sisters and their family. The girls parents have recently passed away, leaving them on their own.  Frona, the oldest is serious and prickly while Eva is a constant source of joy and Lily the youngest seems lost without her mom.  Lily falls for an outsider and decides to leave her home, family, community to follow the Englisher to Ohio.  The girls and their married brothers all search for Lily, without any luck.  On the side, Eva continues to operate her candy shop, The Sweet Tooth, that is an addition to the family home.  While going to a farmer's market, she meets a young man from Ohio named Jed.  There is an instant connection because Jed found a book and photograph of Lily while on the train to Lancaster.  When he meets Eva, he mistakes her for the gal in the photograph.  They grow close, but when Eva sees the photo and realizes that Jed befriended her due to that photo,  they part ways awkwardly.   Will Lily be found?  Will Jed and Eva mend their friendship and have a future together?
I loved this story and because I have been around some ex-Amish, I know how alluring the world can be to those who live the simple life.
Ms.  Lewis has written another incredible story; I hope that she will carry this family story further as I'd love to know what happens to Frona and Lily in the future.
I would like to thank Bethany House, a division of Baker Publishing for giving me this book, free of charge, in return for my honest review.
If you like Amish fiction and Beverly Lewis, you'll definitely want to add this book to your library.


  1. I LOVE her writings and most of her books. This sounds wonderful and I am sure I will look for it. Thanks for the heads up. Hope your week has started well!

  2. Our parents went to Lancaster County to a place called Bird-In-Hand. It was very interesting. They pronounce it differently too, kind of like Lane-cuss-stir.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Hi Noreen! I can't imagine the confusion in leaving Amish and diving into English society. Yikes!
    Sounds like a great book, and Debbie seems to agree too. Thanks for reviewing it for us :)


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