Monday, October 19, 2015

Another Glorious Sky

Happy Monday to you; I hope you had time to enjoy some of your favorite things this past weekend.This was our sky last evening when we walked after dinner-so pretty.
We had a nice weekend, hubby golfed on Saturday so I found plenty to do~in fact got Christmas gifts for the 8 granddaughters.  I can't believe my sil posted that we only have 10 more Fridays until Christmas.  I'm not even thinking about it yet; well that's not true because I have been working on presents for our two girls.  Yesterday, most of the family came over to watch the Bronco game; I'm glad we are unbeaten, but honestly it is hard to watch our offense.
Today, hubby and I are running errands this morning and then I'll be here working on my study and also sewing.  I do need to finish up the girls presents, but it should be a quiet day.  This morning I have a turtleneck on under a flannel shirt, so you know it's cold. Hunter will have to wait until later to go for his walk. He got two yesterday, so walking later works.
I hope you have a joy filled day!
Noreen and Hunter


  1. Good morning! Such a pretty sky! God's beauty is hard to beat. I'd love to know what you are making for your girls, though I imagine they read your blog and you can't share here, lol. Sounds like we have a very similar day planned as I just finished up working on my study for the day and have some sewing planned next. Goodness I'd love to be wearing a turtle neck under a flannel....still in capri pants and tank tops over here, lol. Can't wait for this heat to be over with for a few months. Or maybe it won't happen this year? lol Have a good week Noreen!

  2. Lovely sky. I can't even begin to think about Christmas yet but I know it will be here before we know it. Way to go on getting some gifts! Have a nice week.

  3. Beautiful <3 it. Have a great beautiful week. Golden Woofs

  4. Such a pretty sky shot!!! Christmas will be here way to quickly. Mom needs to get going on her list.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Although I did wear a short leaved top and sandals, I am happy to report that this weeks temps are finally in the upper 80's and low 90's. We even had a bit of rain last night! I have not even begun to think about Christmas but now that things are 'trying' to settle down around here, I will start. May you have a beautiful week!! Blessings, Cindy

  6. wow, your sky looks great! we only have 50 shades of grey ... no wonder that I rather stayed in my blankie-cave lol

  7. I love that sunset! Gorgeous! It was cold over the weekend (down to 31 Sunday morning) but it quickly warmed back up (80 yesterday afternoon). Crazy weather. I won't start thinking about Christmas until at least the second half of November. ;-)


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