Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Autumn in the Rockies

On Sunday, hubby and I drove up to Estes Park; we were going to look for a Christmas gift for little man but couldn't locate the correct size. We drove through the park and didn't see any wildlife. However, on our drive out we spotted these Bighorn Sheep on the hillside. We haven't seen any sheep in years and this was so exciting.
Loved the sky in the above photo was so beautiful!

I have never seen a ram with horns as big as this guy. 

Loved seeing the herd all together and they made climbing look so very easy.  My dad used to say that his mom climbed mountains and hills like a mountain goat.  He also used to say that I climbed mountains like a mountain goat.
Today is my brother's birthday and unlike my friend Nana Diana, I won't be calling him an Old Goat-nope not going to happen with me.  He is the very best brother anyone could have and I am so thankful for him.
Love you Rich!
Have a day filled with energy and fun.


  1. Happy birthday to your brother. I so wanted to see the big horn sheep when we visited RMNP, but we were told that they were up in the mountains and that they didn't come down until fall. :-( At least I've seen them now - through your photographs.

  2. Noreen, I would love to see those sheep. I never saw any when I was in Colorado, many years ago. Happy birthday to your brother. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  3. Wow, the clouds were amazing in the first picture - like huge piles of cotton candy! You live in a pretty amazing area,and the pictures of the mountain goats are so fun to see. That one guy really did have big horns! I wouldn't want to meet him alone out in the mountains, I don't think! Wishing your brother a very Happy Birthday, and hoping you have a lovely day today :)

  4. Wonderful photos ! Happy Birthday to your Brother !

  5. Happy birthday to your brother from all of us!!! Mom misses her brother so much - his birthday would have been last Friday, but he has been gone for 41 years.

    Those sheep have quite the set of horns. We would love to see them climbing those mountains.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. How awesome to see a few Big Horn Sheep. That is the one thing I remember about Estes Park which I haven't been to since the late '70's. Definitely need to do a road trip to visit again. Happy Birthday Rich!

  7. Gorgeous. I can't imagine see all those Big Horns. Thanks for sharing.


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