Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Greetings to you today! While on a walk on Monday, I happened to see these fungi underneath a tree. Now, we often see mushrooms in the lawn, but I've never seen this site before. In fact, it reminded me of a Fairie garden that many girls and ladies create. I just thought it was enchanting, but not enough to let the dogs near it.

I am aware of how dangerous mushrooms can be to dogs and children, as my oldest daughter scared her momma to death when she was a toddler. I was never sure if she ate the mushroom, but at 2 yrs old, one doesn't take chances. I so remember having to use Syrup of Epapac and trying to get her to vomit. I remember crying and feeling like such a bad mom; I can say that she didn't have any in her stomach thankfully. Even though I admired the uniqueness of this patch of fungi, I do prefer the plastic ones.
On another subject, I wonder if any of you who lose followers to your blog, wonder about those who have left. I have yet to figure out who has left, just see my numbers drop and wish I knew who and why.  Life gets so crazy and I try to get around to visit, but often don't-I'd just hate to lose friends if I could avoid it.  Guess it's just the world of blogging.
I hope you have a wonderful day and have signs of autumn in your area.


  1. Now that there are so many ways to follow blogs (now that Google Reader is a thing of the last), I'm not sure just how many readers I have ... so I'm not sure if I'm gaining or losing readers. I guess as long as the number of comments remains about the same, I figure I'm doing ok? I know that people's interests change over time (I've done some trimming of my blog list, too). And I know that my focus as a blogger has changed some, too. It's really cooled off here and leaves are slowly but surely starting to turn. I do believe that fall is here.

  2. I love photographing fungi as there is so many different kinds shapes and sizes . Nice photo ! I have had my followers numbers go up and down to . I have no idea why but it is what it is maybe adding more following capabilities will help but I dont like the way some of it works though we will see . Temps are chilly windy sunny and fresh truly fall like here now ! Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  3. In our case somedays are crazy and our computer at home doesn't work so only on work breaks can mom notice our numbers are down thought it was cos hers is whiney watches those mushrooms around us also, but it did make a pretty picture....stella rose

  4. We too have noticed a drop in the number of folks who visit our blogs and comment. But we are sure there must be reasons that we do not know. We just hope those who come are enjoying what they find.

    We have some really silly-looking mushrooms growing in the mulch in the front yard, but we stay clear too.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  5. Hi Noreen! I think if you held a contest for mom's to see how many experienced something that made them think they were a 'bad mom', you'd be overloaded with comments! How our kids survive us is a grace and a miracle sometimes :)
    I have ups and downs in blogging, but I do know that if I don't visit people, they will not come and visit me. That's just the nature of the beast for my blog. If I have a down time, or my computer is acting up (I'm at the library right now for the wifi, our computer is being crazy!), then I don't see as many either. Oh well. We do what we can, right?
    Blessings on your Wednesday!

  6. Mushrooms scare me too! We almost lost R to a toxin that was probably from a mushroom this summer... As for followers - I think that more and more people are "following" using services like feedly. I often forget to sign up as a follower for blogs that I follow - because feedly delivers your feed directly to me. So, I wouldn't worry much about it.

  7. Those little fungi are cute if it was a fairy garden, but I agree, keep them away from pets and children!! Sorry you had that scare with your daughter, but we don't soon forget those things, do we? I lose followers too, but I also know that once in awhile, I go through and clean up my own list of people I follow and delete a few now and again. Sometimes, things just change and lives change! Don't let it bug you! Many blessings, Cindy


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