Wednesday, September 16, 2015


It's Outdoor Wednesday and I've started my day outside~walking the dogs first thing and then watering.  Our weather is a mixture of warm days and fall weather with winds and cloudy skies; yesterday we had more clouds, cool temps and high winds until a bit a sunshine peeked through in the afternoon.  Hubby went golfing in the Rockies yesterday and he said the colors aren't turning yet, but we've heard they may not be vibrant this year because of the weird weather last November.  Our neighbors daughter is coming today for two days to watch the dog and give us a little break. She's flying in from NYC and we just hope that Duckie will continue to know our rules when he comes back. 
For all of you friends who pray, I want to share a need that I received this week from friends in Ca.  There is a young woman-maybe in her late 40's early 50's I worked with named Tara, she has two children ages 18 and 13 and Tara collapsed on Sunday at home.  She has a seizure and they took her to the ER where an MRI determined she had a brain tumor.  She has been sent to a hospital about 1.5 hrs away from her home and today they discovered another tumor on her brain. Tomorrow they will do a biopsy to determine whether or not it is cancer.  Tara is a wonderful gal and I loved working with her.  My heart is heavy for her family right now.  It also brings home the realization that each day is a gift and we need to cherish every one.
So go hug someone you love and let them know.  Life is short and so very precious.


  1. that is just so sad about that dear lady. It sounds a lot like our next door neighbor who had a stroke in May and then they discovered that his melanoma from three years ago had spread to his brain. He had two malignant tumors removed and another is being treated with oral chemo. He also has multiple tumors throughout his body. The evil C again!!! We will keep the dear mother in our thoughts and prayers.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning and Mom

  2. So sad for your friend Tara! We pray they can do something to help her and she can be healed!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Oh, so much sadness all around and I'm so sorry for your friend and pray that it is not malignant. Enjoy your time away!

  4. I am sad for your friend too.. I send the Power Of the Paw- prayers for her,

  5. I'm so sorry about your friend... and I hope that it turns out to be benign and treatable.

    At our elevation, the trees are turning in a huge way. However, a lot of the aspen leaves look "damaged" with brown spots even before they turn. Despite that, there are still some amazing stands of aspens at the elevation of the Peak to Peak Highway and even down to 8000'. Enjoy!

  6. Oh Noreen I am sorry to hear about your friend, and I will definitely lift her in prayer. I am sure this is hard on everyone in her family too. May the Lord grant wisdom to the doctors who will be treating her, and touch her body and restore it to health Jesus's name we pray.

  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend ... I'm praying for her and her family.


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