Friday, September 11, 2015

A Cute Houseguest

Happy Friday to you! The week flew by and I'm definitely going to have to work on pacing myself. About a month or two ago, our next door neighbors approached us about dog sitting for their Dukie. They are headed to the Soviet Republic and other countries for two weeks. Dukie is their "grandpup"-their daughter got tired of them asking when she was going to have a family and bought them a puppy. Dukie is a little over a year and a bundle of fun. When they explained that there was no one, but me, who they trusted with their beloved companion and would we consider having him while they were gone. Let me tell you friends, that we often trade with our daughters, but I haven't done that for anyone else before. These neighbors have been so good to us and we appreciate their gracious hospitality(even inviting us to join them in Arizone next winter for a week), how could I say anything but yes. Dukie is small and he and Hunter play well together so it should be an easy vacation for him.

I can tell you already that Hunter has run him around the house and is saved by the fact that Dukie doesn't/can't climb on furniture-there by letting Hunter get away from him when he's done.
Their daughter is flying in from New York next week to have him for a few days, giving us a bit of a break. I'm sure once Dukie settles into our routine and home, the time will be easy. Hunter will be disappointed when he is alone after Dukie goes home.  Tomorrow night we are taking both dogs to Lily's house; we will have a cook out and the dogs will have a great time with their acreage and all the kids.  Lily has also had play time when she's been here with us and Dukie has come over.

I can't let today pass without remembering that horrific day so many years ago when America fell under attack and so many lost their lives so needlessly.  May we never forget and may our country stay united as the attack joined all Americans in a united front.

Have a fantastic weekend!
Noreen, Hunter and Dukie


  1. I'm glad it is working out with Dukie. Very nice of you to watch him. Have a lovely weekend.

    I will never forget.....

  2. Hi Noreen. You yes, you will have your work cut out for you!!! He is awful cute!
    Any sewing or quilting for you?
    XO Kris

  3. What a fun houseguest!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. We so enjoy our fur family & fur friends. Look at all the new memories you're making. So fun!

    Remembering the day along with you & so many others. Still breaks my heart.

  5. Dukie is very cute - nice for Hunter to have a pal to play with too.

    Paws crossed and heads bowed here in silent tribute to our many heroes.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  6. I love that picture of both of them I hope you have a nice weekend. Bot dogs looked like they had smiles on their faces. That is cute and so sweet you are dog sitting.

  7. You are a Very Kind neighbor! Hopefully little Dukie doesn't shed too much and your allergies won't flare up! Enjoy a wonderful weekend and your cookout! Blessings, Cindy

  8. What cute puppies! My son and his family just got a Sinese, a cross bred Shih Tzu and Pekinese. He's adorable! We don't have any changing leaves yet, Noreen. The greens are fading and it is beginning to look like Fall out there. In a couple pf weeks, I expect there will be colour everywhere. Enjoy your Sunday.


  9. I see that you like Robin Mark's music. So do I. He comes here to the Island {to our Belfast Church} every year to put on a concert and music/prayer seminar. He loves it here because he says it reminds him of Belfast, Ireland which is where he is from.

  10. The little dogs are cuties and I am sure your friends' dog is enjoying his vacation at your home.


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