Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Wild Rhododendrons

When we lived in California, two of our favorite bushes were Azaleas and Rhododendrons, we had them in our yards all of our married lives. You can imagine how disappointed we were when we moved to Colorado, only to find out that they didn't do well here. I'm sure there might be areas of Colorado where they grow, just not in our area. Bummer! We'll we had previously seen photos of Wild Rhododendrons growing on the walls or side of the road in Ireland. It took us days of driving, going on adventures before we finally spotted some. OH, they were glorious. Many were the shade of purple that we had in Sonoma County and we also saw Azaleas. Be still my heart.

It was quite surprising then when we were on the Horse and Cart ride at Muckross House that the fellow told us they are taking over hillsides and trees and killing some of the landscape.  Really?  We saw hillsides that had a purple tint and it was from the Rhododendrons.  I really didn't realize they could be so invasive and destroy other trees and plants.  I guess many things in life are like that-it might be something good occasionally, but too much of it isn't.   I  still love these plants and the beauty. 
It's like the Oregano that was growing in my flower bed-a good thing if you use it for cooking, but it totally took over the bed.  Then this weekend when we were gardening, I sat pulling it up from the area between each piece of flagstone-it was a pain. 
Well, I'm off to walk Hunter and then to join my girls at the pool for swim lessons, lunch and more swimming.  I hope you have a fantastic Tuesday.
Joy to you.


  1. Mom used to live in a house in New England that had one whole side of the yard lined with beautiful lavender rhodendrons. But she said they did get rather invasive and were hard to keep trimmed neatly. She loves azaleas too, but we don't see a lot of them here, maybe too hot?

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  2. Two of my favorites, too. I've tried growing both here in KS and haven't had any luck.

  3. I did not realize they were invasive either. They sure are pretty though. It was fun to be back South and see the plants down there that I miss up here.
    Hope you had fun at the pool with the girls. xo Diana

  4. Sounds like a great afternoon!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. We have lots of those shrubs in our yard,, all colors,,
    And they even grow wild in the mountains -- up by Mt Hood Oregon,, all colors.

  6. Mint in another super invasive little plant! I had some when we lived in NE California and it took over an entire planter area, so much for the tree :) Hope you enjoyed your walk, lunch and swim time! Many blessings, Cindy xoxo

  7. Love both plants, the Rhododendrons, do better in our mountains, my sister planted some red ones this year they were beautiful!I didn't know they were invasive , but I can relate to the oregano being invasive!~smile~
    Enjoy your day!

  8. I've always had azaleas and rhododendrons, but my azaleas at this house aren't doing as well. :-(


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