Monday, June 15, 2015

A Few Of Our Meals

Hi friends, I certainly hope you aren't hungry as you read this, because it won't help you at all. I wanted to share some of our meals with you. The first day or two I kept forgetting to take photos of our meals and now I have to pull my camera out before we are served to remind myself. I will say the first couple of days we only ate salads; I just wasn't sure how gluten free the Irish would be, but I'm pleased to say that everywhere we've eaten has had gluten free food and breads-except for the hotel breakfast buffets. The other interesting fact is that Irish don't have Ice Tea, just hot tea. I should have realized that, but I'm so used to having ice tea for lunch that it has been an adjustment for me. Twice now I've sipped on a Coke, which is almost a sin in my book. We have found some great Lemonade that you can get here, so that has been my go to drink. In the morning and evening I always have tea; got into that habit last fall and I think it has been healthier for me.  The top photo is one of first dinners at a Pub; I had a Salmon filet on a gluten free bun with gluten free fries(on the bottom) and hubby had a crab cake sandwich with frees and a light Guinness.
The first night in Kilkenny we went to a pub to have dinner and also enjoyed the trio of musicians and dancers. I had Lamb stew-it was so good and hubby had fish & chips! We loved the music and the young clog dancers.

This was my lunch at the English Market~fresh green beans with peas, spinach, nuts and fennel; you will notice the Pink Lemonade too. A light and healthy lunch.
These were the desserts at one vendors at the English Market.  I haven't found much in the way of desserts I can have; I will say that we did have some fudge when walking down a street in Kilkenny.  As I sit here writing, I can hear activity outside; I got up to see what breed of dog was barking and although I mistakenly thought it was a Lab, there were two black Airedales walking with their owners.  I can say that Jack Russell terriers tend to be the breed we see most of here, as well as Westies; we do miss our Hunter, but know he is happy with Lily and the family.
Tomorrow I will share photos from the Ring of Kerry-such a beautiful coastal area and it is truly what Ireland looks like in books and postcards.  Again, I was drawn to the land-but more on that tomorrow.


  1. I was hungry ... and am now even hungrier. Glad you're finding food that you can enjoy!

  2. The food looks yummy! From what I know doing research Europe is often ahead of us on health matters including organic. Glad you found Gluten Free items.


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