Thursday, March 6, 2014

Thankful Thurday

Good Morning Friends, I hope your week has been a good one! I got this picture from my daughter, of her youngest son and just had to share it with you.  At a year and a half, this little guy is so active and quick; here he is in the bathroom yesterday.  He figured out how to get up and into the sink in order to play with water. He just cracks me up!  He is a handful to be sure; I love his personality.  I know he will keep his family entertained and watchful for many years.  I am so thankful for Life; for my beloved hubby-hard to believe we are approaching 36 yrs. together, for our daughters, sil's,and grands and for faith. Grandchildren have a way of making life so much richer. 
 Yesterday found me playing Pickleball and then walking afterwards.  I had gone with the intention of "one last try", but am pleased to say that by wearing a rubber sleeve on my left knee, I'm not as sore today.  I will continue to take each week as it comes because I really enjoy the sport, but I'm not willing to risk damage to my knees by playing.  I am thankful that I am able to walk almost daily, to bike ride, to try new things like Pickleball.
I am thankful for this body I have and also the wisdom that comes with age-such as- I should have taken better care of it.   I am thankful that hubby and I can play the same sport; I will say I'll stick with the beginners, while he plays with the very advanced players.  
Last night our sil took us to a semi-pro Hockey game; we've gone to two games before and while I never thought I'd enjoy it, I really do.  Last night was such fun because we had two granddaughters with us; the past games we saw were very calm, but last night there were a few fights-I don't like that part of the game. My family keeps telling me that this is what hockey is all about.  I am thankful for the chance to go again. Thankful that our sil invited us to go along. We have two of the worlds best sils!!! They rock!!!
Today I will be taking Hunter for  a walk with Kam and Lexie; I'm so thankful for Kam-she is such a wonderful friend.  After we return and the air has warmed(side note-we are supposed to get up to 65 degrees today, then snow tomorrow), we will be going on our first bike ride this year.  I am beginning to believe that biking is going to be my favorite type of exercise; I have also decided that if I have to stop Pickleball, I will get a stand for my bike-so I can ride inside all winter next year.  Doesn't seem as fun but it beats being sedentary.
We had some other good news this morning-we now have a future date that we will be moving to our new home.  Yes!!!  
I hope your Thursday is filled with all that makes you smile and laugh.


  1. Such a cute picture and looks like he has to be watching very carefully :) I love how active you are and even playing Pickleball! I do nothing but sit at this computer all day, I have to change my ways. I have always felt that Hockey is fun when your at a game, I don't care to watch it on TV. Enjoy the rest of you week....

  2. Your little g'son is sure a cutie.
    What a fun fellow he must be!

  3. What a lovely and grateful post! I love to hear it when people realize just how lucky they are (for so many reasons), and are grateful for each and every one of them. You made me smile!

    And at first I though your grand was trying his hand at the 'hide and seek' game.....too funny!

  4. Lots of wonderful things: past, present and future!! You are blessed, dear sister in Christ. I am so happy for you. Enjoy that pickleball. *haha* With such a funny name it just HAS to be fun to play!!! :-)

    Thank you for your kind & gentle words on the passing of my brother. (((((()))))) The hole is still in my heart but... I dreamed about him last night so the hole got a little smaller.

    Love ya~ Andrea

    PS~ Can't wait to see more pictures of your new house. How exciting!! I wish I lived closer to help you move. xoxoxo

  5. It only makes us more thankful when we remember to count our blessings! Keep that attitude of gratitude. Your little guy is simply adorable! Love his hair!

  6. I love hearing about your thankfulness. And I am so happy you are able to do so many fun things that make you happy.
    We never heard of the pickle game.

  7. Lovely to sit back and feel lucky. We so hope you get Spring soon and if not at least a nice day for your first bike ride of the year. Great news about a date for the house. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  8. Love that picture of your little grandson! Keeps his mama on her toes I am sure. Glad you figured out a way to play. I know how important keeping active is to you. Your right of course, you are one blessed lady!

  9. I have a picture of my middle son from about the same ago sitting in the bathroom sink! He was always into something and well, things haven't really changed much! HA!! God has given you a lot to be thankful for. What a gift it is to be aware of it.

  10. Your grandson should team up with my puppy. Hahaha! What an adorable little boy!
    We supposedly have warmer weather on the way, too. I'm so ready for it! One source has us getting some snow Saturday morning; I sure hope they're wrong - I'm supposed to go out birding/hiking with my friend!

  11. What a delightful and fun post! I've loved catching up on your news--I've missed you and reading what you're doing! Glad I'm feeling better and can catch up! I hope your day is ending on a good note--I've a feeling that it is! :-)

  12. I love that picture of him in the sink. Wow that is kind of scary when you think he could have turned the hot water on and burned himself.
    Glad tat Pickeball went okay for you this week. xo Diana

  13. Spending time with the grands (like I do each Thursday) is Such a blessing and yes, they add such great joy and purpose to our lives! I'm so thankful for them!!

  14. Hi NOreen. Oh I had to chuckle when I saw that photo!!! He must keep them hopping all the time!!!!
    Hooray for having a date to move now. It is happening!!!
    And hooray for wonderful sil's! I have a fabulous one too!!!
    Enjoy your walk, and your day!
    xo Kris


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