Thursday, March 27, 2014

It is a new day, filled with all sorts of possibilities.  Yesterday was another busy day-walk, bike ride, moving, dessert with a granddaughter who just turned four.  Her birthday party is next week with her two sisters who also have birthdays coming up.  I loved being able to ride yesterday afternoon;  I always feel better when I am getting out on my bike.  We took several loads of boxes to our girls house-this move is slower than previous moves and so maybe a little more relaxed. Watching her unpack boxes, figuring out where everything should go, made me realize that unpacking is more work than packing.  It also made me realize what we are in for....ugh!!!! I'm anxious to move into our new home but also thankful we will be able to take our time.  We are debating where to sell our current home or not; regardless there is tons of yard work to do(once the weather stays nice) to get it ready for spring and also some touch up painting.  Lots of work  before it is all over.
Today, I'm off to walk Hunter and then meet some friends for coffee; this afternoon will help  move more boxes and tonight we have four grands coming over while their parents go to a clothing sale for them.
I hope you are able to stop today and enjoy life-be it outside or just looking at things from a different perspective.


  1. Hope your move goes smoothly. The last time we moved was the best move of all. We closed on our new house a month and a half before we closed on our old house, so we had plenty of time to take over a load or two of stuff every day after work ... and unpack it as we brought it in ... so that by the time we decided to move in here, we only needed to make one trip with the big furniture. There was really very little else that needed to be unpacked that weekend that we moved in. Perfect.

  2. Busy , busy days lol ! Oh Happy Birthday to your grand daughter . Love your blog background soo springy lol . Thanks for sharing . Have a good day !

  3. Have a nice coffee and chit chat with your friends this afternoon as you so well deserve a break from all that packing and unpacking. Have a tremendous Thursday.
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Two moves often does that happen! Enjoy your days...raining have y'all day but at least it is not snow!

  5. I think meeting friends for coffee was the best part of your day! And of course your bike!! That's fun too!

  6. It sounds like a busy and full day, and one that I hope has ended on a good and relaxed note! :-)

  7. You've got some busy times ahead. I'm sure the walks and bike riding helps to relax you and give you bits of time think/pray/and process all you have going on. Blessings to you, Cindy

  8. I hope the weather was nice down there for your walk and coffee. It was wintery up here!

  9. I can tell how much you enjoy spending time with your grandchildren Noreen! How lucky you are that you have all of your family right there with you. Glad you are enjoying getting out and about! Happy weekend!


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