Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Joy to you today!  Yesterday, hubby and I passed on a movie and went shopping instead, at one of our favorite furniture stores.  One of the first rooms we want to set up is our guest bedroom; we have decided to go from Oak furniture to a darker color.  The antique chest that we refinished several years ago will be in there; it is made of walnut and beautiful wood, so we thought we'd get nightstands to match and then stain the headboard.  Finding any nightstands in a walnut stain was almost impossible; in fact, we came home with two pieces that I loved, only to find out that they were a cherry color and clashed with the chest.  So back they went to the store; we did order two more that had a closer stain,  that we'll get tomorrow. This time, hubby took a small piece of wood with the color of the chest so we could compare.  Hubby loved the pieces, so if they don't work in the bedroom we will put them in the family room as end tables.  We also got two lamps that are very unusual in design and look like they are antiques.  It will be fun to see how this room turns out.
Today, I'm off to the hair salon for a cut & color before we go on vacation.  We still have quite a bit of time before we get to enjoy some sunshine, but after talking with my gal I decided it was better to have it done now.  My hair is hard to manage and color seems to help.
I am also hoping to get a bike ride in this afternoon; our weather will be nice for several days. 
Last week when I saw my primary care physician, he asked how I was.  I responded I was great, he said "really?" When I again told him I was good, he said he wished all his patients had that attitude.  I told him it was better than the alternative.  A positive attitude makes all the difference.
Whatever you do today, do it with a smile; makes life all the better.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. Sounds like the spare room will be fabulous and we love walnut. You must show us when it is done. Glad you are feeling good. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. My favorite of all shopping trips is to the furniture store! It just always holds such an appeal to me even when I am not really in the market for anything, lol. Haven't bought any new furniture in a while though. How fun to be decorating a new house. ENJOY!

  3. We have oak in our bedroom and did a guest room in this house with darker furniture Mission style and I love it! I find when I get my hair done it takes a few weeks before it really does what I want it to do so going early is a good thing. Enjoy your bike ride. Wednesday's are my day to read Hodgepodge posts, it takes a long time!

  4. We just now have a spare room, since our children have grown and flown away. Now I can make it into a pretty guest room. Hope you enjoy your furniture! Hope your hair comes out pretty and easy to manage!

  5. I just realized how my statement might have appeared. I hope your hair.......turns......out pretty and easy to manage!

  6. Glad you are enjoying nice weather. Best wishes with the new tables.

  7. Enjoy your vacation in the sunshine!!!...good luck on your furniture shopping!

  8. Good luck with the bedroom redecorating, Noreen, looking forward to seeing what you have done. So glad you are well, the exercise is what helps. Our weather has been so cold and wet this week, it is hard to get motivated to exercise.
    Enjoy your upcoming vacation.

  9. We need a spare room for all our toys. Does Hunter have his own room? We had a fun day today at the dog park and mom says we are going on vacation next week!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  10. I have been having "issues" with my hair too Noreen. Mine is getting so very thin...the medicine I take has a side effect of hair loss. It can also be due to age I suppose. Since my daughter is my hairdresser...I have visited twice in the past couple of weeks trying to make a few changes. She gave me some new products to try and we put some highlights in...which gives me a little extra body. It sounds like you and I will be away at the same time. I cannot wait! The girls are excited too! They always know when we start packing.

  11. Good luck with the furniture shopping!

    How much longer before your vacation? We leave for Hilton Head in a little over 7 weeks. I can. not. wait!


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