Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Outdoor Wednesday

Good Morning to you!  I can hear the birds singing outside-wow is all I can say. It looks like a perfect spring day! Yesterday, hubby and I went to the movies and saw Kevin Costner in Three Days To Kill.  When we arrived at the theater, it was snowing lightly and we expected the car to be covered by the time we got out. You can imagine our surprise when it wasn't; in fact, we only had trace amounts of snow. 
The movie was a good one, not an AA winner but we have always enjoyed Kevin plus it was set in Paris.
One of my closest friends, during our child rearing stage, grew up with Kevin, went to his wedding and first baby shower.  She said he was a great guy but that his older brother was even more handsome.  The plot was good but lots of violence; the older I get the more I dislike it, in fact, I close my eyes for it. 
So if you are experiencing a snowy day or week, you may want to go see it-especially if you've got a hubby who likes spy movies. 
I decided to pass on Pickleball this morning; I have a dr's appt. tomorrow and don't want to be walking in stiff-might mean another appt. So Kam and I will walk and I'm trying to talk her into a short bike ride too.
It is going to be a nice day here; I will also spend some time packing up extra bathroom items-like those free samples of shampoo that you get at hotels and condos.  Actually, I imagine a lot will be tossed.
I hope you have a great day today.
Noreen & Hunter


  1. We have ice today. We just don't understand our Mother Nature anymore.
    stella rose

  2. Winter storm "Vulcan" roared in like a lion last evening & is supposed to hang around until 4pm here on our homestead. Schools closed, driveway drifted shut, and not a snowplow in sight yet. Feels like the middle of January... thank goodness my calendar tells me otherwise. :)

    Have a wonderful day, my friend.


  3. Sounds like a good movie and happy packing. Kind of therapeutic having a clear out we think. It is always good to have to declutter when moving. Have a wonderful Wednesday
    Best wishes Molly

  4. Our weather is still all over the place. 80s one day, snow the next, then the winds shift and we're warm again. Low 50s today. Crazy Kansas Spring weather. :)
    Have a wonderful day!

  5. Thanks for dropping by! Yes, it was the Knott's Berry Farm in California we went to a few weeks ago. Sounds like you had a good time at the movies.

  6. We haven't been to see that movie yet but want to. Now I want to see it even more since it takes place in Paris!! I've always enjoy Kevin Costner. I love saving the bottle from the hotels. I keep telling my husband when he retires and our income becomes less we will be using them.....LOL!

  7. I have less and less tolerance for violence as well. And I just won't go to movies anymore. Just wait for the DVD.

  8. Mom and Dad usually wait for everything to come out on DVD. We have a sunny day today but mom says the wind bites!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. How fun to know that about your friend and Kevin Costner. Hope your Dr.'s appt goes well tomorrow. xo Diana

  10. We hope to be getting nice weather again tomorrow......near 50! I don't like the violence in movies either and often close or cover my eyes. Hope you had a good day!

  11. We had a sunny day, and that meant I got to go outside and enjoy some of Mother Earths fresh air!

  12. You got the good end of that storm! It was a white-out up here, and I had to cancel a trip to town for PT. Enjoy the sunny and warms days!

    This is the time of year when the 3000' between me and you makes such a huge difference in the weather!


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