Saturday, September 1, 2012

Oh No!

Eight to ten years ago I purchased this thimble at our annual quilt show; it was not only lovely and hand crafted but it fit perfectly.  I can tell you that it was made by Thimbles by TJ..  It was very expensive but I was working and had long nails, so I felt it was worth the investment.  I has been a wonderful tool for quilting!  This last week though, I got a hole in the base and my needle gets stuck.  Oh bother!  Thankfully, my bff had kept all of her receipts-she purchased one at the same time and she was able to give me the website info.  I know they can repair it and hopefully will be able to get the hole sealed. However, this is the only thimble I use and can't imagine being without it;  thankfully I am done with the baby quilt and won't need to hand quilt anything for a bit. There is a big quilt show in a few weeks, south of here, and they may be selling them there but the current cost  is $100.  Yes mam, you read that right.  There may be a metal glue that would work as well; I have figured out, though, that when you average the years I've had the thimble and the quilts I've made, it has probably have paid for itself several times over.  
I wonder, for you my quilting friends, if you hand stitch-do you use a thimble.  I so love the look of this one, I really hope I am able to get it fixed.
Have a great weekend.  
Blessings,  Noreen
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  1. My gosh- That is a beautiful thimble. I had no idea they would ever be so expensive....but you know what...if you have used it for years what a good investment it has been for you- xo Diana

  2. Glad you were able to fix it!

  3. What a luxury it must be to quilt with such a beautiful thimble! I use cheapy,throw-away type thimbles, and usually have several floating around to switch to when my finger tires of one. I have a really nice thimble (around $40 about 15 years ago) that is 'somewhere'.....I just can't seem to find it! Argh! I guess I should just stick with my cheapy ones! I sure hope they can fix your lovely thimble, especially when it fits you so well, and you love it!

  4. So beautiful. I am glad you are able to get it fixed.

  5. That is one of the most beautiful thimbles I have seen. And when you get a hole in a thimble, you know it is well used.
    I thing the company will be honored to know you use it that often.

  6. Wow, that's a gorgeous thimble ... sure hope you can get it repaired.

    I use an inexpensive leather thimble (Nimble Thimble) along with little plastic disks (Thimble It) that I adhere to the side of my finger ... I've found that I prefer to push with the side of my finger tip rather than the very end of the finger.

  7. Hi Noreen... your thimble is so pretty, I hope you can get it repaired... think of the love that pretty thimble has seen and filled so many of your quilts with as you have used it... Happy Labor Day and Autumn to you too!... xoxo Julie Marie

  8. Hi Noreen (and Hunter!) - it's me, Dave, from the Ao4 Digest. We really appreciated you stopping by the blog yesterday; it's great to "meet" you!
    I'm my mom's Guide Dog for the Color Blind and help her a LOT in her quilting studio! She always wears a thimble when she does hand quilting - she uses the cheap, yet effective "safety thimble" like this one: Mom has no fingernails to speak of, so it works just fine.
    The one you have is gorgeous! We hope the people will fix it for you. It must be a well-used thimble for you to wear a hole in it!
    Good luck!
    (and my mom KZK)


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