Thursday, September 13, 2012

Happy Thursday to you~Just think the weekend is almost here.  Yesterday unfolded differently than I expected, but that's alright.  I spent five minutes in front of cut fabric, thinking I should have organized it better.Maybe this afternoon I will work on that.  We ran errands and spent time with those close to my heart.  Last night we went over to my youngest daughter's home to help replace a leaky pipe.  Her cough is getting a bit better and she is able to sleep now; I just want her strength completely returned before she goes into labor.
Today I am thankful for the words of wisdom so many of you shared about Hunter's picky eating habits.  I was concerned that using moist food with his dry wouldn't be good for him, but you all reassured me that you use either a small amount of canned or something else with your pups kibble.  Hubby also did another weight check on him and he is up to 12 lbs now, right where he should be.  Thank you friends for your encouragement!
I am thankful that the ladies Bible Study starts today; we are doing a Beth Moore study of John, The Beloved.  I waffled back and forth whether to attend this fall but in the end decided it was a good discipline for me and holds me accountable.  I am also looking forward to seeing some close girlfriends on a weekly basis.
I am thankful my hubby is away on golf today.  He should have a great time and its not raining.
I am thankful for the little guy at my feet and the hope of his getting past his puppiness, that I do love, but want some of the mischief to stop-like climbing on end tables to get miniature pumpkins my grands gave me.
I am thankful for prayer; so many needs came before me this week and it is a privilege to lift others up.
Have a blessed day!  Noreen & Hunter


  1. What a lovely post and I can tell you are thankful for many things. I haven't done a Beth Moore study in years- good for you! xo Diana

  2. Hello my friend!! First an apology for being so out of touch the last couple of weeks--It's not been an easy time, but today I'm thankful that I am finally headed back in the direction I should be, and that I have the chance to catch up on your blog! I hope your daughter continues to regain her health and strength and I hope that your day is ending on the same good note that it had when you wrote this post!

    PS: I add a little bit of canned food to Carrie's food and Sandy's to get them to eat too, and it's okay--I add just enough to give it a good smell! :0)

  3. I, too, Pray that your daughter continues to improve. It is very refreshing to read your thankful post today. God bless and you and Hunter have a restful night.

  4. Just think, one day we will look back and miss all this puppy-ness!!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley


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