Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Greetings friends, It is good to be home and I'd love to say that I am no longer tired, even though I slept in but the truth of the matter is I still feel a bit exhausted.  Now mind you, it is a good exhausted.  Mama, Daddy and baby Logan got home late yesterday afternoon to four screaming and excited sisters.  Hubby and I had dinner with them and then got to hold the baby before leaving them to settle in.  I can tell you that he is one little guy but oh so adorable.  I didn't have my camera but will take more photos when I see them.  After all, I did want to give them a chance to relax and get life back to normal-or a new normal.  The girls so missed their mom and dad so much; I know that a good nights sleep will help everyone.  I'm sorry I haven't been around to visit much but I'm sure you understand.
Here in northern Colorado, it rained again all night long and their is snow in the high country. I was hoping hubby and I could get up there tomorrow to look at the colors but I'm not sure about it. 
I hope you have a splendid day!
Blessings, Noreen & Hunter


  1. Wishing evryone happiness with the new one. It's been raining here also...too gloomy to venture out. But I went to get some pumpkins and mums, before the rain came, Yippee. Smiles, Susie

  2. Oh I bet you are pooped!!! Such exciting times! So happy for your daughter and her family! I look forward to watching him grow along with the rest of your grands here!
    I can hardly wait to see your fall colors!!!

  3. What a great Fall and one to remember, for sure.
    Oh, I do understand being that kind of tired.


  4. Oh Noreen can I ever relate to the "good" tired. Grandkids are some of life's best blessings, but they are exhausting, lol. Rest up a day or two and you will be good to go. Looking forward to more pics of the new little one. Praying everyone settles into their new normal quickly. HUGS

  5. I'm sure it'll take another day or two to get fully rested ... but I'm sure you will agree that spending time with our grands is worth any exhaustion we might feel. ;-)

    I can't wait to see your fall colors as I'm not sure that we'll have much in the way of fall colors here. ;-)

  6. I understand all about the exhaustion after tending to little ones, I love my grandchildren but after I have had them for a weekend I am exhausted. It's a good tired and I wouldn't trade it for anything...couple days you'll be ready to roll again

  7. I know everyone is tired from the excitement of the new blessing! We all understand about your visiting being limited. Just update us with photos when you are able. I know you treasured the time holding him.

  8. It rained all night here and I awoke this morning to dewy earth beneath my feet. Sure does beat the dry, parched land we've grown accustomed to here in Oklahoma!

    I'd be worn out too. A good "worn-out" but worn out none-the-less!


  9. Grandma Noreen,
    Congratulations on that new grand baby. They are precious aren't they??


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