Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Wednesday to you!  Here in Colorado, it is pouring and cool, which reminds me of northern California winters.  I think it is going to be a fine day to stay inside and sew; Hunter seems to think it is a fine morning to get into mischief. Last week, I needed to get him another bag of dry food and so I went up to the adult version.  Our daughter's dog Lilly eats it and when they are together, Hunter always eats her food.  You may remember how picky he was when we first got him with his food-I tried so many brands before settling on Royal Canine.  It's been good until this week; he has decided that he really doesn't like the dry food all that much and prefers the FreshPet Select loaf I give him at night.  If I had gotten the new bag of food from our local Pet*mart, I would simply take it back but I went to a new store and don't know there exchange policy.  I've never had a dog as picky as he is; I'm wondering if it is his breed?  I've tried Blue Buffalo and some other high quality dry foods that are natural but haven't found one he likes.  Any suggestions, my friends?  I know the old adage-if he gets hungry enough, he'll eat it.  I know he is already spoiled(can't believe this happened either) but we do worry about him since he is so small-10 lbs.  For those with picky small dogs, if you've had a similar situation and have advice, I'd appreciate it.  I actually put a small amount of diluted chicken broth on his food this morning-it is still in the bowl, although I think he drank some of the liquid. 
Hope you have a wonderful day; enjoy your weather. 
 Noreen, a frustrated mama & a very spoiled Hunter


  1. I eat my food. But one thing that Miss Vickie does in mix just a little bit of canned food with the dry for her guest at the kennel/day care. She has done this for me when I have been there. I liked it so much that now in the morning my MOM puts a table spoon or so in with my dry food. I love it!! Do you feed twice a day? Or does Hunter get to eat when ever he want, you know the bowl always has food in it? I have an automatic food thingy (always has food for me to eat) But int he morning MOM grabs some of it and puts it in a bowl and had the little bit of canned stuff in it. Then in the afternoon or evening I just help myself to the dry kibble as I want.
    Don't know if this helps. But I like it, but I am not a picky eater.

  2. I have the opposite problem with our mini dachshund. She eats any and everything like she is starving! We are not getting the rain like you today, but we are enjoying cooler temps and have the windows open. I hope someone can offer you a solution for Hunter's diet. Enjoy your time indoors.Mildred

  3. HI Noreen, we have a little dog, a yorkie/silkie mix, about ten pounds and he eats Pedigree dry dog food. It think its the small crunchy bites for smal dogs. We leave the bowl out all the time so he grazes all day long. He is fifteen years old. thanks for the commet on my blog, the feet are my granddaughters, i just loved the crackle toenail polish and the ankle bracelets, I thought it would make a great picture. Have a great day and enjoy the weather, we have actually cooled off to the mid seventies this week..loving it!

  4. Good morning Noreen. It is much cooler here too, although still in the mid nineties. Still muggy. Ugh. But we opened up our windows for the first time in weeks last night! I heard that there was some snow in the higher elevations of CO last night!!
    We have tried oodles and oodles of dog foods for Ducey. Due to his allergies. But none seem to make him completely itch free.
    : (
    Have a wonderful day sewing!
    XO Kris

  5. Mom and dad use "free feeding" for me and Stanley. We like it because then we can just eat when we are hungry. Mom said she has always done this and not have an overweight dog yet. Stanley will eat anything but I am more fussy. Mom even had trouble with my training because I wasn't swayed by treats! But now I discovered freeze dried liver and then something weird happened and I like most things now. Mom is happy. We think Hunter wants you to give him some ice cream.

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. Hope that Hunter is better Noreen! I think, like us, maybe they just get so tired of eating the same old thing all the time? I sure do hope things straighten out for you soon!! Sometimes a day indoors is a nice break...especially with all of the heat!
    xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  7. Hunter is a beauty for sure! Thankfully, my Sophie is not picky at all. She eats everywhere she goes, no matter what kind of food or snack they offer her. I guess that is why my vet gets onto me about her wt (14 lbs) and he says she shouldn't be an ounce over 10. I just tell him that she is fat and happy like her mama :)


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