Tuesday, September 25, 2012

A Puppy Left Alone is a Naughty Puppy

Happy Tuesday all~Well I can say that Hunter showed some of his puppyness these last few days, when I was staying with our four granddaughters while mama, daddy and baby were in the hospital.
Sunday night, hubby almost brought him over to spend the night because he was crying & whining non-stop.  He ended up in his crate downstairs-so thankful he loves it.  Then yesterday, when we all came over after breakfast, on the way to the hospital, he had gotten into some fall decorations and chewed them all up-not a lot mind you, but enough.  We were there for a bit and I thought I put everything up out of his range....hahahaha.  We came back with lunch and discovered he had chewed up some paper and also found one of my old flip-flops from Kauai, in the laundry room, and chewed that up.  So then, he went with me  and the girls to  our daughter's house; he had some playtime with their puppy and I was hoping he'd just relax when I put their pup outside.  After naps were over, we went to our oldest daughter's house for playtime-both for the girls & their cousins but also for Hunter and Lily.  Last night we spent the night at our home, all the girls and yes their puppy & her crate; I don't think hubby wanted another night of whining.  Baby Logan comes home mid day today( we hope, his billiruben numbers are high) and I think it will be great for everyone to settle into a new normal.  S-i-l  is taking two weeks off work, if necessary, to help get everyone settled in.  After that, I'm sure I will be helping out alot too-can't waste two good hands and arms to hold a baby.   Have a fabulous day my friends,


  1. In your own words. it's great to be a grand, naughty puppy and all.

  2. Good morning! How wonderful you live close enough to help out whenever you can. Your daughter is going to be one busy lady! Somehow I have a feeling she will do just wonderfully though. And Grandma's arms to help out? Well it doesn't get any better. I bet his big sisters are soo excited! Now Hunter sounds like he HAS been a naughty pup, haha, but today IS a new day! Enjoy every moment of this Noreen! HUGS

  3. Morning Noreen,
    Sounds like you have your hands full,
    but a good full it is..........
    So glad things went well and the baby will be coming home soon.
    You are such a good Mom and Grandmother, they are blessed to have you..........and I know you are blessed to have them as well...
    wow, your daughter has a good hubby to take off for 2 weeks to help out, and great he can do that!
    What a blessing to her and the family.........

    Have a sweet day.....Hope Hunter behaves himself. lol
    They are truly like lil children.
    blessings, Nellie

  4. Uh oh, Hunter - have you been a naughty boy? ;-) Even at the ripe old age of 12, our golden retriever loved to chew on anything made of paper ... tissues, notes, etc. We kept waiting for her to outgrow that naughty habit ... Hopefully Hunter will outgrow that soon. ;-) Hope you get plenty of opportunities to help out with Logan after your SIL returns to work.

  5. Oh Hunter. I know you are jsut expressing your desire to be with your mom and others, but buddy take it easy on the peeps stuff. I know how you feel not being with the ones you love. I have never chewed stuff up, but I did break right through the front door to try to be with my MOM. Yep a BIG old hole right in the front door. Added problem to this was it was winter and the snow was flying. Of course the blessing in that was the very next day I met Bert and his Vickie. Now I am never a lone. I would rather be with MOM but at least went I can't I can be with Bert and the pack at daycare. Take it easy Hunter my friend and know that they will always come home to you.

  6. LOL....our daughters dog does that if she comes home from work and just spends enough time to take her out and then leaves for the evening. She will come home to the trash dumped over, papers chewed up and CHOCOLATE bowls empty. Thankfully she is a huge dog, the chocolate was dark and she poops glitter foil wrappers. She learned that if she takes her out and lays on top of her, following her around the apartment as she moves getting tired of the HUMAN LAYING ON HER, hugging her to death THEN she doesn't make messes. Dogs are so human...they NEED their people.
    So wonderful your SIL can take that time off. Hopefully the little guy comes home today.

  7. The temptation of paper in a trash basket is still too much for ours to resist (even at 15 years old) He will find every trash basket and pull every piece of paper out and shred if left alone...we try to keep the baskets empty or him confined when we are out.
    So nice that you are close to those grands, happy times

  8. Oh Hunter, you missed your mama! Yes, we pups do get creative in finding something to do when we get a bit bored. If this ever happens again you must teach daddy the most important words for a puppy owner: A tired puppy is a happy puppy! Glad mom is home and all is well!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley


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