Wednesday, September 5, 2012

From My Library

As you know, I have begun previewing books for Bethany House Publishers; generally I choose Christian Fiction but last month I was given several titles on Spiritual Growth and I choose this one. I will say I was influenced reading that the Forward was written by a pastor I am familiar with, Bill Johnson of Bethel Church in Redding Ca. My review is below and I did not receive any payment for previewing this book.                          

                         An Invitation to the Supernatural Life  by Michele Perry

I found the title "An Invitation to the Supernatural Life" intriguing and I feel this book truly  is an invitation. If you are hungering and thirsting after a deeper walk with Christ and longing to have answers to questions such as "Why do physical miracles still happen in other parts of the country but not in the US?" answered, I would encourage you to find this book and read it.  I checked the scripture verses quoted, for accuracy, and found them so.

Michele Perry is a missionary in So. Sudan and shares her life story with us; beginning at a very early age, she began to have encounters with the Lord. Michele chronicles her journey of walking with Christ in the Spirit and her growth and understanding of the powerful work He still does today in the lives of believers.  Will the Holy Spirit force Himself on us? No, for He is gentle; this book continually stressed the importance of focusing on the Giver and not the gifts.   Each chapter has questions at the end and a very touching prayer for the reader; but I must say this book was hard to put down. I found myself wanting more and more of Michele's story.  Her chapters weave her time between her life in the U.S. and her life in So.Sudan with hundreds of children who call her mama.
After reading the first couple of chapters, I began leaving the questions blank until my next reading-which will begin this next week.  I want to really read it slowly and glean the truth that the Lord has for me in it.
I would challenge even the most conservative Christians to read this book with an open mind and see what the Lord might have for you.
This is a book that I will keep; it is on the same level as some of the greats I have read. I would encourage you to get this book and read Michele's story for yourself.
I need to tell  you that I have not received any payment or compensation for previewing this book.

Enjoy your day.  Noreen


  1. This book sounds really good. Ii am going to look it up. Expect it will be on my wish list. What a fun job you have for Bethany

  2. Good morning! This book sounds just wonderful. Honestly I am going to look for it immediately. I do feel the Holy Spirit just waits for us to ask for His abundant blessing in our lives. Thanks for this head's up. Have a wonderful day my friend! HUGS

  3. MOM says it sounds like a good book. I was shocked to see it was written by Michele Perry. I thought to my self, "When did my MOM have time to write a book?" The I realize this Michelle spells her hime with ONE "L".

  4. Sounds like I would love to read this book..thanks for sharing...blessings

  5. Well how interesting! However did you get this job?
    I am trying to catch up after being away at the lake.
    Have a great day friend.
    XO Kris

  6. Good review but we have to say at first we thought you were talking about Goose's mom!

    Your friends,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Sounds like a great book, Noreen. What a fun thing to do -be able to review books. Blessings- xo Diana


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