Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday's Treasures

Bright and early this morning, amidst -13 degree weather, daughter Kim and her hubby brought over three out of four of their girls as they had an appt. for their youngest.  After breakfast the girls settled in for a few shows this nana had recorded for them.  Each one is a delight and more than enough to warm our hearts.  They will be here for an hour or so but come back later for dinner; chili and corn bread.  Just can't get enough of them!!!!
Stay warm, Noreen


  1. Those are the cutest! Plese ck.out my give-a way! A Blessing Indeed! Warm Hugs today:)

  2. Oh,look how cute they are in their matching sweaters. They look all snuggly and warm. I sure understand the not being able to get enough of them. Enjoy!

  3. So sweet!!! Three girls ... so sweet!!! God has truly blessed you my friend.

  4. love to see those smiling faces and I know grandma does too. Enjoy Enjoy. We are cold, with snow and ice.
    Hugs, Sue

  5. Aren't they beautiful!!! How fun!
    Stay warm!

  6. How fun...they are soo adorable. I know what you mean about not getting enough. I could just visit one set one day and the other the next and just keep it up, haha...They say the cutest things. ENJOY

    Chili sounds good....

  7. They are so cute (o:
    I had cornbread and stew tonight.
    It is crazy cold...but I kept thinking we would gwt pais back for the warm warm unseasonal weather we had.
    Marlene and I will have to set up a Friday to meet you some where down your way.

  8. Oh my, they're so adorable! Did you make the quilts that they're snuggling under?

    They look like they're enjoy time at Nana's as much as I'm sure Nana was enjoying their time at her house!

    Perfect day when the grands come to visit!

  9. LOVE x 3 = H A P P I N E S S

    Blessings, Kathy

  10. Oh Noreen...they are just darling!! So cute and cuddled up together! We were @ 9 degrees this morning! It.is.sooooo.COLD!! I just knew they would cancel school but they didn't :( BUT....I had my Granddaughter here and we had a fire and enjoyed the day ....alot like you!! You are soo right ! ~ If we lived together we would have the best of times!

    Love you friend!

  11. In response to your post, yes, that was Bodega Bay! Loved it there!


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