Friday, January 28, 2011

Happy Friday

Our oldest and her family recently attended a family party and this game was played, even our grandsons-ages 9 and 7 enjoyed it.  We decided, being big game players, to go ahead and purchase this for the family game times. Last evening we went to dinner at some friends and they had purchased it for us on Amazon along with one for their family; we were able to play about three games before it was time to head home.
It is a wonderful game for ages 6 and up and even those who love strategic games such as Settler*s of Catan will enjoy this(I never got into that particular game).
My week has flown by and today seems no different; I've got to bake a Banana Bread Cake for a memorial service  tomorrow and then this afternoon I hope to spend some time with our oldest and her gang.
Our weekend seems pretty open at this point but one never knows.
Have a wonderful weekend~Noreen


  1. It has been a crazy week here and next week looks even wilder. Where does the time go?

  2. I love hearing about new games. I think the 80 something family members could even see that game to play....of course my dad and his color blindness ALWAYS makes us giggle a lot when it comes to color games. Hope your weekend is grand.

  3. Thanks for the tip ~ always looking for a new game over here = ) Our week-end is stretching out in front of us too without alot of plans...soo nice sometimes huh? Have a WONDERFUL one...HUGS

  4. Our family has fun with Blokus. And we've heard from several others about Quelf...haven't played it yet ourselves. Game time is good. Oh and Boxers and Briefs is even worked with people we didn't know that to know them in a fun way.

  5. We love games. I will have to look for that one!! Have a great weekend!

  6. You're right on the never knowing whether our weekends are free or not! Every. Single. Time I posted on my blog that I had a free weekend ahead of me ended up being jam-packed with stuff to do (usually involving the Ts, so I NEVER, EVER complained!!).

    Regardless, hope your weekend is a good one ... and enjoy the afternoon with your daughter.

  7. Noreen

    That looks like a fun game. Our 7 year old Kayla likes to play games with adults so I think this would be perfect. I bet our 6 year old Emma would like it too.

    Have a good weekend!
    Blessings & Hugs

  8. My week seemed to have flown by as well. That game looks like fun. I might have to check it out!! I always like to play games that is mostly for all age groups.

    Thanks for sharing!! Have a bless weekend!!!

  9. How are you, dear? That game looks fun. Will have to look for it in the city. That's one of the joys of winter - time to play some games. We have a geography game my son likes and oh, do we learn a lot. Have a wonderful weekend...........Denise

  10. I love family game nights! I haven't heard of this game and I am with you in that I never could get into settlers of cataan either. We have recently gotten Quelf and oh my! It is a hoot! I also am loving Just Dance 2 on the WII.

    Enjoy your weekend my dear friend! Love you!

  11. Just by looking...I can't tell what that game is all about.
    I have been playing easy things with my 3 and 5 year old that are here twice a week.
    The weather is soooo fun!
    I have been out and about just enjoying time with friends and being warm (o:

  12. That looks like a game Josiah would really enjoy playing. With his Birthday coming up in June. Sounds like the perfect gift.

  13. Hi Noreen, it's been a while since I could stop by. . .school keeps me away from the blog-o-sphere, and I sure do miss visiting. Just wanted to pop in and say "howdy" and thanks for the recommendation for a new fun game. :)
    Big hugs!

  14. can't wait to play the game with you. :) We've got one coming now...

    I also keep forgetting to ask how your tooth is doing. Tell me tomorrow. :)


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