Monday, January 10, 2011

Happy Happy Monday

Good morning friends,  Oh what a lovely day it is-the sky is bright blue, sun shining, no snow except on the ground and trees; what a glorious day to be alive.  You guessed it I am feeling better, not 100% but so much better than last week.  A little Vicks, hot tea, Musinex all have worked wonders as well as just staying in(except for shoveling the driveway and walks yesterday but the cold air felt good); we worked on puzzles and watch lots of football games.  Funny thing is that if you have known me for many years you will be laughing cause I'm not a gal who generally watches sports of t.v.  However, since we moved here I've gotten into the Rockies baseball games on t.v. and as we draw near to the end of football season, we always have friends who invite us over to watch games on their big screen t.v. in their media room.  There is something about being with friends and watching on a big screen t.v. that makes it more entertaining.  Usually I'd rather be quilting.  Well, you guessed it-this weekend was spent watching all the games and I will tell you that I'm so very thankful that the Packers won the game against the Eagles.  I will be really honest here and say the only reason is because I can't stand Michael Vi*k; in case you aren't familiar with the name this is the guy who was heavy into dog fighting.  The very idea of dog fighting turns my stomach and I feel like anyone who participates should be locked away, which he was but is now back making tons of money.  I'll get off the soap box now.
Hubby and I did watch several shows on Alaska-three on gold mining and of course we are fans of Sarah's Alaska show.  Regardless of politics, this show has shown us some beautiful country which I now, more than ever, want to visit.  It has also shown us how many of the folks who live up yonder work so incredibly hard to make a meager living.  I love shows that highlight our beautiful country, be it Maine, Alaska, Kentucky etc etc.
Now that I'm feeling better I hope to get some things accomplished this week; quilting and cleaning to name a few plus putting on a big batch of chili. 
May all your journeys be blessed dear ones.


  1. Hi! Noreen, just saying so glad you are feeling better! And yes we had our first little shot of winter this wk-end! here in East Tx. I have quit work, and am in with my grandson that has the flu! yes! i said flu, did not know this until a second visit to ER with him, first flu test on Fri. came back neg. Last nights not good, so the whole Family has been ever exposed!! Please pray for our escape! (My blog explains about Killing the Bug!)Ha-Ha! Have a great Day!

  2. I have LOVED Sarah Palin's show...sometimes her constant TURN EVERYTHING INTO A TEACHABLE MOMENT turns me off....sometimes you just need to have FUN. I don't disagree with her child rearing but I was rolling my eyes with her kids... :o) But I imagine it is all her way of getting her thoughts out there while she has an audience. I would love to go to Alaska....I learned so much from that show. I think shows about each state would be cool. We all live in such a little bubble and don't realize what others lives are like in different parts of the country.
    Glad you're feeling better.

  3. I love Sarah Palins Alaska show and the Gold miners shows too. Such good family shows to watch together. I am not a big Palin fan but the beauty of Alaska is what draws me to the show.

    I am glad you are feeling better.

    Have a wonferful day!
    Blessings & Hugs

  4. My cold...cough finally turned the corner and I think I am better too (o:
    I have heard about so many that have had it.
    Rich watched football and I watched Dreamer on another TV (o:
    I have stuff out for Chili you have a secret recipe?

  5. Glad you are on the mend. Makes for a happy Monday indeed.

  6. Hey Noreen......Sorry to hear that you've been battling the crud!!! But glad your on the mend now.

    You weekend sounds like ours! Watched lots of sports and Sara Palin. Hi fives for Greenbay....I'm totally with you on the Vick thing!! And I've decided that I MUST take a trip to Alaska someday...looks glorious!!

    Have a blessed week!


  7. Hi Noreen,

    So sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well and glad to hear you are on the mend! I too, like to watch Sarah's show for the lovely Alaskan veiws.

    Take care,

  8. Just dropping in to thank you for your prayers. The musinex dm has been the only thing that has kept me breathing at all. I missed one dose and was laid out, again. It was a real set back! I will not be missing any doses from now on until I am TOTALLY well! Today has been a little better. I pray this nasty stuff goes on away! Hope you are feeling better, too!

  9. So glad you are feeling better! We have about 8 inches of snow - my commute to work this morning was over twice as long as usual. We too have enjoyed Sarah Palin's Alaska. I would love to visit but am not up for all the remote places she goes!

  10. So glad to hear that you are feeling better. There's a lot of crud going around ... it all seems to be especially nasty this year.

    I'm not a football fan either, but getting together with friends certainly makes it more enjoyable.

    Hope you get some quilting done ... would love to see pictures. ;-)

    Take care of yourself.

  11. I am so glad to hear you are feeling better! We have had snow here on and off all day....the kids are hoping for a snow day tomorrow :)
    Glad you were able to rest and important while recovering and hey! watching her! I got my mom hooked on that show! LOL

    Love you my friend

  12. Glad your feeling better. Soo many people seem to have this ~ still praying I escape. My hubby (huge football family over here) is soo on the same page as you on that game and that man. Glad they won too. Your week sounds good...HUGS

  13. HELLO MY FRIEND!! Noreen, how have I been missing your blog? This drives me crazy!! You've been so kind and left such thoughtful comments on my blog that I just need to go to yours right away and see what you're up to so I can keep up! I've read through the last several posts and will say here that I totally agree with your thoughts on Michael Vick...While I admire his ability as an athlete, I don't respect the man...

    Also, did you know that we lived in Alaska for 10 years? It really is a beautiful and amazing place!!


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