Thursday, January 13, 2011

Good morning my friends,  I'm so thankful that it is Thursday and that I am feeling better; still have the cough but girls I'm back on track and so glad to be able to be out and about again.  Hubby and I have spent the week inside just staying warm, working on puzzles, watching some t.v. and trying to beat this thing.   Today my ladies study begins again and I'm looking forward to it.  I haven't seen Priscilla Shirer before but am told she is an incredible teacher, so looking forward to today.  After the study,a girlfriend and I will hit a costume store in a nearby town because hubby and I are going to a Victorian dinner and wouldn't you know it-we don't have a thing to wear.  I'm going to see if there are a few items that we can get that will give us the look without the price-know what I mean?  Tomorrow our whole gang is going to the Denver Mint on a field trip and we are all very excited.  On the way home, I hope to stop at a wonderful bakery that carries the most incredible gluten free french bread you've ever tasted.  My hope for today is that I can get through the study without a coughing fit.
So how are you?  How has your week been?  What blessings has our Father poured out on you?
From here in cold Colorado, warm winter wishes.


  1. Hey sorry to hear you've not been feeling well. I tell ya...when the bug usually hit's hard.

    I started to not feel good the day after Christmas and just this past Monday I began to feel my old self.

    You will LOVE your Bible study. Priscilla Shirer is amaazing....

  2. Your week sounds good...
    A victorian dinner sounds fun.. = )

    I have finally got the cold that has been going around. Not too bad so far and I am really praying it doesn't get much worse. Feel like such a baby sometimes but I just don't do sick well, haha...Not that anyone "likes" to be sick I know, but I am worse than most I think...anyway, ENJOY your week, and praying you shake that cough once and for all. HUGS

  3. Hi! Noreen, You are in for a treat, w/this Bible Study! Great! and don't forget to send me some of that Bread, and don't forget pics of those costumes! How Fun! Blessings for a Fun:) Day!

  4. Hi Noreen,
    So glad to hear you feel better. Our Lord is good!!
    We have been so cold too!! It is hard to keep plants alive.
    Stay warm.
    xx, Fern

  5. That study should be AMAZING....I love Joyce and Beth. I don't know the other woman. Praying He keeps your body still through the study....although maybe it's a good chance for everyone to pray! I've gotten out and gone to the pool and then the store so now I'm in for the day to knit and read. Hope your day is sweet with Him Noreen!

  6. I think I already said that Rich has the cough cold now. He staid home yesterday and today. That is very rare.
    Sounds like you will have fun going to the dress-up party. I am a party pooper when it comes to getting a costume.
    I have not been to the mint since I was a grade school kid and went on a field trip. Have fun.

  7. Hope you're feeling better. What kind of dog is Reggie? He's a cutie.

  8. so glad you are on the mend!

    Around here, I have been battling a headcold for over 2 weeks...yuck...but think I am on the mend. Lil miss has been really ill with horrible cough.

    Praying it goes far away.

    Your field trips sound like fun!
    But even better a Victorian Dinner!!!!!! Fantastic.

  9. Looks like a really good book to read. I have been busy taking care of my father in law. While my mother in law has surgery. Also trying to keep up with Josiah homeschooling. Feel better soon. I hope you enjoy your Victorian dinner.

  10. Hey Noreen! sorry to bombard you with another comment...But I always get so excited when I read your blog! :-)

    I do hope you're continuing to feel better and you've had a good day! I know you'll enjoy your trip and your dinner too!

    I've had a good week--My husband comes home at about midnight from work (it's over an hours drive) and with the dicey weather, he's traveled safely--An answer to our prayers!

    Take care, and I hope you've had a good day!!!

  11. I am glad you are feeling better as well. Sounds lovely, the time you have spent with your hubby and the upcoming field trip sounds like fun. I hope you have a wonderful time and safe trip.

  12. Glad you are feeling better. We are so thankful that the crud running rampant around here has passed us by so far.

  13. Hey beautiful friend,

    Enjoy your Bible Study and the warmth in the LORD!

    Love you much!

  14. That bible study is amazing!

    You need to go the the Deeper Still in June in Kentucky! I am most likely going and we could meet up!


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