Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Blessings

Happy Friday dear ones. I can hardly believe the week has already passed me by-the days can go so quickly; we need to cherish each and every one! Yesterday and today have been filled with errands in preparation for hubby's trip. We also ran by the Wild Birds Unlimited store and purchased a 20 lb. bag of no-mess seed(the kind that doesn't sprout on the ground)and so I've cleaned my one feeder out, filled it and hung it under the trees. The sparrows have been coming onto the patio each evening, as if to say, we're hungry where's the food. I plan to get several other feeds, maybe suet or dried corn cobs, to hang as well. I love the idea of a non-sprouting seed but it is very costly so once we get a tray to put under the feeders I will probably use a cheaper type of seed. Our neighbor has three bird feeders out and he goes through 1.5 gal of seed a day for his birds-which can get a bit costly. So I'm a happy camper, awaiting all the birds that will come to have meals in my yard. We are supposed to get a thunder storm this afternoon and as I type the clouds are rolling in. Next week holds promises of days of 70 degree weather-Yippee!!!! I also plan to get some more plants, such as bleeding heart, columbine and dahlias to put in while hubby is away. I always love having the yard spruced up when he gets back.
Have a joyous and blessed weekend!
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Sounds wonderful, Noreen...I trust we will see some lovely pictures of these feathered friends of yours...have fun playing in the dirt!

  2. Happy Friday Dear Friend! Our weather is warming up again. Whoo Hoo.
    Have a beautiful weekend!
    Hugs, Ella

  3. Noreen, it sounds like you're busy too. My computer crashed the other day but now I'm back online. I hope to get back reading my favorite blogs, including yours.


  4. I wrote about birds today. I need to buy better seed. I usually go to bird store but last time bought a no mess mix at WalMart. Not good.

    Enjoy spring and the beauty of the bird song.

  5. sounds like you will be busy while he is gone..Golf?
    the weather hit....rain....and more rain
    I think our 70 degree days will be mixed with rain everyday (o:would you want to come visit me next week? Friday? that is my no kid day. We could have coffee and chat. Monday I could take two little ones to McDonalds and visit in playland till nap time. Just an idea (o:

  6. Thank you for your kind comment on my blog this week on the passing of my dear friend's Sheltie, Jake. Jake was like a child to Elizabeth and she is taking it very hard. Everyone's kindness has meant a lot...enjoy your bird views and weekend, xoxo

  7. This all sounds good. I am thinking we should be seeing some great pics soon of all those sweet little birds. Have a wonderful week-end! HUGS, Debbie

  8. This sounds like the "magic of ordinary days" to me! Such great fun & joy in the simple business of living.

    Enjoy your weekend. I'll be doing likewise!


  9. Hello, Dear Noreen,
    I enjoy feeding the birds too, and they bring so much joy to me. We need rain so bad, please pray for us to get some. Our pastures are drying up, and we need them green to feed our animals.
    Enjoy those new flowers you will be planting, some of my favorites.
    Hope your week end is wonderful.
    Lots of hugs,

  10. won't those birds be happy and sing
    pretty songs for you?

  11. So nice to meet you Doreen, a fellow believer and garden friend! We sell our twig stand bird houses and feeders to Wild Birds Unlimited. Stop by our website when you can. There's a link from my blog... but it's
    So much of the lessons I learn about life come from the garden. What a joy Gods creation is. Blessings to you!

  12. What true blessings are these little creatures! I saw my first hummingbird (albeit from a distance) recently when we visited Austin Texas at our son's. I couldn't imagine before how tiny they are. Our DIL has 3 feeders which attract them - they are just so beautiful!

  13. I'm a bit behind in reading blogs this weekend. It will be wonderful to see the birds when they start coming into your yard. I hope you will take some photos to share. Hope you week ahead is filled with blessings! :)

  14. I've enjoyed visiting your blog today by way of Sonya's blog.

    I've been noticing our birds more and more lately and have thought seriously about getting a bird feeder! They sound so sweet as chirp in the early morning hours.



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