Friday, May 28, 2010

When I think about the birds I want to feed in my yard, these two come to mind immediately. On the left is a purple house finch and on the right a Sparrow; I realize that they too can become quite pesky but I think they are so cute compared to the red wing Black bird and Grackle. Yesterday, while running errands, I went to our local Wild Bird Center to get info on how to discourage the black birds from overtaking my yard. The expert working gave me quite a bit of information, including the fact that the Grackle is an opportunistic feeder and will devour eggs as well as baby birds from nests. The easiest way to get rid of these nasty birds is to stop feeding them. Alright so how in the world do I do that? I can either change the type of food I'm putting out or I can change the feeder which will make it impossible for them to get food out of. I looked at the tube feeders with the appropriate squirrel barriers on the outside and didn't buy one yet~had to check with hubby first. We did look at our local Lowe's hardware/home improvement center but they didn't have any of the right type. The thing with the seed it that we prefer the no-mess type for two reasons-one is that you aren't inundated with weeds below and the second is that often dogs can get the runs from eating the leftover seeds on the ground. There are also trays made of screens that can be put under a normal feeder to catch the seeds so that we could put out Safflower seeds or Niger seed for our Gold Finches as well. Still pondering what to do about it all but for now we haven't had any more dead birds in our yard; the nest must be empty.

I also got more plants for the back yard yesterday so spent several hours planting; we still don't have our shredded bark on top so I haven't taken photos but may just have to today, so you all can see how it is coming along.

Last night we watched a video that I had wanted to see but had been hesitant to watch. Hachi, A Dog Story is a wonderful video with Richard Gere and the only reason I hesitated at all to watch this movie was that I get very emotional at any story that revolves around the bond of a dog and its owner and doesn't end happily. This movie was a great one and is suitable for children-in fact some of my grands watched it a week ago. I will say that even though I knew the ending, I still cried. I've been like since I was little~I can remember watching Lassie and sobbing at the other dogs being lost while Lassie helped them. I think it is because I bond so heavily with my dogs.

So what are your plans for the weekend? There is a town festival tomorrow we will attend and we are having friends over for a bbq tomorrow eve. On Monday we will have all the family over for another bbq and maybe some time in the sprinklers. We are supposed to have very warm weather here over the weekend, hopefully without any thunder storms or hail or tornado sitings. No need to worry, I know the Maker of the heavens and earth.
Get out and enjoy the weekend and remember to worship Him who gives us all blessings!
Love, Noreen


  1. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Memorial day weekend, Noreen....

    I remember crying at the Lassie show...but according to my mom, it was while the theme song was being played at the end!

  2. Good morning Noreen. As you probably already know, I am a huge birding enthusiast too! We don't have a grackle problem here. In fact, our main concerns when feeding my much loved birds, is the rats that tend to be around what with the fruit orchards and all. I think the only really messy birds are the doves that come and dive bomb my feeders to tip the seeds out. The the scavenger birds, like sparrows and doves, have a field day on the ground. Oh we do have an occasional brown headed cow bird that I try to discourage. Yes, indeed we would be dear friends and kindred spirits!

  3. Hi Noreen,
    I cry if any animal gets hurt in any picture I see. I cry everynight for the animals in the Gulf when we watch world news!!! I feel so sad for the awful things that are going on in the Gulf!!!!!!! I have always felt part animal. I am part of them, they are part of me!!! I love them all so much!!!
    Come and see me some time dear friend...
    XOO, Fern

  4. I am glad you haven't found anymore dead birds in your yard.
    I can relate to crying at movies, shoot, I cry over some
    Have a blessed and happy Memorial Day weekend!

  5. Happy Memorial Day. Terry and I hope to take a drive between watering.


  6. You have a great weekend!!!

  7. Have a wonderful Holiday weekend Noreen. For us, it's all about family time this long-weekend. And remembering those who have served. Some great new low-fat grilling recipes. I love it . See you Tueday!
    Hugs, Ella

  8. That naughty bird
    didn't know it would eat the babies )o:
    Sounds like you have a great week-end planned
    we have not planned much because Ty will be here from just don't know how to schedule around
    Your Pelican festival sounds great
    we will go to the Boulder Creek festival sometime this weekend

  9. Weren't you up early!?! Let us know what we can bring on Monday...

  10. Hi beautiful friend!

    I GOT A CLEAN BILL OF HEART HEALTH TODAY!! Woohoo!!! I feel like a new person! Praise You Father!

    Thank you so much for your love and prayers! He answered every one!!

    Love these little birdies! I so want to have a bird happy backyard!! One day soon! Too many other things to think about right now!

    I'll email you over the weekend! Hope you have fun!
    Love you lots,

  11. Hey there Sweet Lady,
    I too enjoyed the movie about Hachi. It was very well done and such a lesson in loyalty.
    Have a great Memorial Weekend.
    What a blessed people we are.

  12. I just love birds myself, but we don't seem to have many out where we live.

    I pray that this weekend is a quiet one. Both my son-in-laws are home for a long weekend, so there goes all the grandbaby time! And Melissa - my middle daughter is in Bolivia, so it will be just me and my fella.

  13. Hi Noreen,
    I am enjoying catching up on what you have been doing as we have been gone for the past week visiting Family in Ga.
    You have been busy, and I enjoy the birds that grace our farm, God always teaches me so much when watching them. I am always reminded of how important I am to Him.
    I haven't seen the movie you mentioned. I bet my granddaughter has I will ask her. She graduated this past week and instead of going with friends to the beach, she wanted to come and visit us, so we brought her back to the farm. God is so Great, Enjoy your Memorial Day weekend, it seems you have a well planned one with family.
    Much love sent to you.


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