Friday, December 4, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Welcome to my home. I decided to show you some of our favorite decorations; many of which are between 20-30 years old. This beautiful tree was something I gave into about 8 years ago and although I fought tooth and nail against buying an artificial tree I am so glad we did. I always got allergies from live trees and I love how easy this tree is-no needles to constantly pick up and it looks good year after year.

When we were first married I brought the Nativity scene and I love it. It is hard to see the details but it is one of the best sets I've seen.

I also have several Lizzie High dolls that my brother and sister in law gave me one year....they are treasures. On our buffet we have set up part of our village collection-something our grandkids love looking at. I love the high ceilings in our kitchen-just perfect for some of my snowmen.
I just put the kettle on and would love to share a cup of tea or cocoa with you, can you sit a spell and visit.
Christmas Blessings to you.


  1. You have a beautiful home and decorations. Merry Christmas and thank you for letting us into your holiday cheer!

  2. Your house looks so cozy and Christmasy... love it. Isn't it funny how everyone's are so different. So individual to them. I guess mine is a little more country. Maybe i will post some pics soon (o:
    I am going crazy today with two two year olds. Is it the weather or the candy (MnMs for potty training) They are crazy wind up destruction dolls. Pray for me to make it through the day till nap time. I started this comment 2 hours ago. (o: One word at a time here we are.

  3. Oh how I wish I could drop over for a cup of tea. What fun we'd have. Beautiful decorations. I love the nativity scene. Hugs..

  4. Thank you so much for stopping by my site today and especially thank you for leaving a comment. Making new blogging friends is always fun and welcomed!

    Thank you also for keeping Macy and her family in your prayers. My daughter saw Macy last night and things certainly don't look good, but we are comforted in knowing that God is in control and He has the perfect plan.

    Your home looks very cozy and welcoming! I'd love to be getting my decorations in order but broke my ankle Thanksgiving weekend so not much is happening around here. I don't know how much decorating will take place this year unfortunately.

    Again, thanks for stopping by. Hope to talk to you soon.

  5. Noreen,

    Everything is lovely. I did the same thing about an artificial tree, but the allergies were so bad, I finally relented. I got this huge thing that took up so much space, lol, it was beautiful though. Year before last, I got a "slim" pre-lighted tree and I love it!
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of your beautiful home and tree.

  6. Hi Nana,
    How is the new baby girl?? She is sure a sweetie.
    Your house looks so pretty. Beautiful tree and love your snow villages. My hubby really loves those and we have thought of getting them but don't know where I would put them, guess I will have to wait until we retire some old decorations, if that ever happens. The Lord will probably have a snow village in his mansion when he gets there since he hasn't gotten it here!!
    Your kitchen looks really pretty too, love all your snow men. Don't you just love snowmen??
    Thanks for all your sweet comments you leave, I so appreciate you too, and it is so neat that when you are sisters in the Lord, it just doesn't matter where you are,
    there is that kindred spirit!
    God is just so neat, he thinks of everything!
    Thanks for recognizing my spiritual gift, yes, I have had a few people tell me that over the years, and I also did a spiritual gifts test, and it was my Number 1! Always nice to know you are encouraging people tho!
    Liked your post on your doggies.
    They become like our babies when
    the kids leave home don't they!!
    Guess we have to Mother something! lol

  7. Hello lovely friend! Hope you enjoyed your evening with friends tonight. Me and hubby are home alone!! Such fun!

    Your home looks awesome Nor. Aren't you just loving it?? It looks so pretty and spacious, and your Christmas decor is lovely. Sure do wish I could stop by for some coffee!

    Love your doggy photos, too! Our pooches give us such joy! I need to do some Christmas photos of them for my bloggy friends to enjoy.

    Have a joyful weekend! I am hoping to get some decorating done and the tree up!! I am also making a wreath for a friend, and LOVE doing that!!

    Hey you never did give me your address! Could you email it to me...Pretty please with sugar on top!!!!

    Love and big hugs!!

  8. Hello dear friend,
    I am so happy to visit you tonight, it seems like forever, your decorations are beautiful.Everything looks so warm and inviting, and I would love to sit and visit with you, I like my hot chocolate with a touch of whip cream, thank you so

    And thank you so much for your concern, but most of all thank you for your prayers. I am doing so well. God is so good. You have been one of the dearest friends I have in blogland, and I treasure you so much.
    Hope your weekend is filled with many blessings,
    Hugs, and much love,

  9. I so enjoyed my visit. Beautiful decorations. Love you and Merry CHRISTmas.

  10. Hi Sweetie,
    So glad I put a smile on your face,
    figure you might as well smile maybe it will tell your body nothings wrong!
    Yea, I love our lil grandaughter dogs, Rosie was my favorite cause we used to babysit her all the time when Dee was working and going to school, then she got out of school and Scott moved in with Joey at the same time, so now we live with Joey everyday and she has wormed her way into our hearts.
    Their personalities are soooo different, Rosie is just a sweet lil pampered pouch, so prissy and all girl just like Dee, and Joey is like miss Jock and has become sweeter as the year has gone on,
    but she also has this cudjo side to her at times where she will growl at you. she has never bitten but she acts like she might,
    but she has gotten better PTL!
    And Poor Molly, she is terrified by both of them! They are not nice to kitty! Badddddd dogggggggs!
    Course, guess they are just being dogs! lol
    I am actually feeling a lil better today, fever gone PTL, more energy today PTL, but still blowing and coughing, but even that is a touch better. Ate more chicken soup, still can't taste it but I am vicariously enjoying everything I eat by hubby telling me how good it is, I could be eating dog food and would not know the difference! lol
    But I have learned I can enjoy food for a whole nother reason beside it tasting good, it makes my stomach and throat feel better and gives me energy, and I will sure enjoy food when I get my sense of taste back.......that is for sure!! lol
    You have a great Sunday,
    Love ya, Nellie

  11. It's looking so pretty and festive! I like your tree. Mine is up. My husband likes a more traditional tree, and I like a fanciful tree---so I alternate years. Last year was the traditional and this year it is decorated in pink and white!!!

  12. Your house looks so nice and Christmasy. Your decorations are beautiful! Merry Christmas!

  13. Yes Noreen, I would love to have a cup of tea or cocoa with you. We would talk for hours!! We would have so much fun!
    You have a beautiful home!!
    Merry Christmasto you and your family.
    Hugs, Fern

  14. What a beautiful home! I didn't give into an artificial tree for years - love the smell of a real one, but finally did because of money - just couldn't see spending that money every year.

  15. Hi Noreen,
    Your decorations are beautiful! Everything looks so festive. I love your's so pretty, and your nativity is so sweet. Thank you for sharing them. (I also love your background.)

  16. I enjoyed our tour of your house and Christmas decorations!

    Snowing here and bitter cold with a wind chill factor.

    Winter has come to Colorado.



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