Thursday, December 3, 2009

A Dogs View

Hi, I'm Sadie and yesterday I asked my mom why she always reads about dogs and their people but never posts about me or my best friend Reggie. So today since it is Thankful Thursday, she decided to tell you all why she is thankful for us. She's walking around the house singing, "Baby It's Cold Outside" because this morning our temperature outside was 13 degrees and it is now 19 degrees. Meanwhile I'm thinking "It's a Wonderful Life" because my mom and dad love me/us so much! She says I have a sense of humor cause I do silly things like sit up on the dining room chairs and dad just says I'm a silly dog. We do have it pretty easy here and my mom doesn't know who is more blessed-me or her. All I know is that I love living here cause my life wasn't so good before they adopted me. When they first brought me home I ran right over to the couch and jumped up cause I knew it was a forever home. I was alone the first couple of years and got lonely but then my best friend came to live with us. I used to visit him at my mom's sisters house but then she wasn't around anymore so he came to live with us.
Hi I'm Reggie, the old guy in this house, but I'm a great watchdog. Mom says I'm gentle but when someone comes in I always bark at them. Sadie and I are like a little old married couple, at least that's what mom says. When one of us is outside the other is too. We get to go on walks together and even though I'm getting stiff I still try to play with Sadie sometimes. Mom says I was probably kept in a small cage as a puppy cause I don't know how to play, other than with Sadie. All I know is that I'm glad I'm here and that mom and dad love me. I do miss my mom's sister-my other mom-but mom says I'll meet her at the Rainbow Bridge someday. I think she just makes this up so I don't worry about getting old. I love laying in the sunshine inside-it is a bit too cold out for me.
So now that mom has us one her blog, maybe will get to visit more often.
Today I am thankful for our beloved dogs, past and present, and the joy they bring into our lives. I can't imagine life without a dog, especially now that we are empty-nesters. When my hubby goes on golf trips they make me feel so much more secure. Due to allergies we don't have cats and eventually we will go to a breed that doesn't shed much, like a poodle mix. If I had my way and we lived on the land, we would definitely have more but with the cost of vets visits and boarding when we travel, one or two work for me.
Have a wonderful day.


  1. Awwww, they are so cute. We no longer have dogs and I miss them. Our little Welsh Corgie died a couple of years ago and earlier this year our mutt just up and disappeared. We never found her. About a week after she left a cat showed up, that, if I believed in re-incarnation, I would say she is the dog that Both of them are/were useless.
    Thanks for sharing the pics of your adorable dogs.

  2. It's so good to finally see your dogs. Wonderful looking dogs they are. Hugs

  3. So nice to meet Sadie and Reggie! I love animals, but I am definitely a dog lover. I am so thankful for the dogs that have been in my life.
    When I was an awkward teenager, I shared many a secrets with them and now they bring great comfort & joy! Dogs love you unconditionaly--rich or poor.
    I cannot have cats inside--my allergies; though we have had outside ones.
    Non-shedding dogs like Puppy Schnauzers(smallest of that breed, my parents have one & says she is wonderful),Yorkies,Bichon Frise,Malti-poo, Scottish Terrier or West Highland Terrier. Not that you asked, but I thought I would list some :)

    Noreen, thank you for sharing pictures of your four-legged babies. I know my dog has been a great feeling when my dh goes out of town , too.

    Sweet blessings,

  4. Love the new look...really snazzy and so comfy Christmasy. Your dogs are so cute. Nice post about them. I am working Fridays in Dec...the whole week therefore (o: Well Actually I have off Monday the 21st and tues. 22nd. I will try to email you some restuarant names.

  5. Gorgeous dogs! How lovely it must be to have them as companions both to each other and to yourselves. Have never had a dog - only cats.
    Thanks Noreen for sharing these photos.

  6. What a wonderful post. I'm glad that you showed us your dogs!

    I'm thankful for mine as well. I can't imagine life without my furry friends.


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