Tuesday, December 29, 2009


If anyone had told me a year and a half ago that joining this new world of blogging would produce some incredible and deep friendships, I would have smiled but been doubtful. I am here to say that I have made some of the best friends I've ever had, most of whom I've never met but plan to.
In my head I'm already planning a trip to Florida to meet a group of ladies who I've grown to love, Ca. holds some dear sisters too, Canada-one of the closest I've got and there are many, many dear gals scattered across our wonderful country. When my daughters were young, hubby and I would take cross-country trips showing them our country and her history. Well, I think another cross country trip would be just fine-but my stops would be centered around the relationships I've grown to cherish.
As you know, this past Christmas night has been a very hard one for us but I have to tell you that the comfort, love and support you all poured out to us was incredible. You have given me such a gift in your love and prayers. There are still hard moments and there will be for awhile but the Lord's grace has been upon us. I just wish I could grab each of you and give you a big hug but this will have to do until I meet you face to face. If I can tie in a golf course with each stop, my hubby would be so happy.
From my heart to yours Thank you for your kindness!
Love, Noreen


  1. God brings some amazing friendships into our lives---sometimes in some very unexpected ways. At this stage in life, we know the value of these heart to heart connections. Without blogging, I wouldn't have ever met you! And you are such a blessing.

  2. Hi Nor! Those who give love get love, sweet friend. You give love and kindness so freely. It is only right and good that God would pour out His love to you through those you care for! We are thankful for you! And are standing side by side in spirit lifting you up to our Lord in prayer!

    May His tender mercies continue to rain down on you and fill your heart with peace!

    Much love,

  3. Hope you are feeling a little better
    WOW a trip to Florida ... to see bloggers (o: how fun is that?
    So glad you felt all loved up in your responses to your last post. Hope you have enjoyed your friends visit. Did you get to see those puppies?

  4. I've missed you my friend. I think I need to do a little catching up on your blog and life.

    I'm grateful for your friendship.

    Love you,

  5. I have to agree with Becky, those who give love get love. One of the best things that happened to me this year was meeting you. Your friendship is priceless and I treasure it. Hugs and much love

  6. Hi sweet friend,
    I too have catching up to do.
    My son and his wife came just after Christmas. They have left for home now.
    I am in the same boat as you when it comes to the computer.Last year Tom got me this old computer for a gift and it did not work. I had never used a computer in my life before. Now a year later this sweet old thing is hanging in there for me and I have more blog friends then I can keep up with.
    Blessings, Fern

  7. I understand what you mean by being amazed at the friendships the Lord has brought into my life through the blogging world. Thank you for being one of them. You are absolutely lovely!

    I'm continuing to pray for you during this time. May you rest in His Arms, washed in His Peace and Comfort during this time.


  8. Good to hear from you! Hey, get a stop in Texas, too.

  9. God bless you, Noreen. I am thankful to have you as a friend. :o)

  10. I couldn't agree more with your opening statement...and your closing words reflect my thoughts of you...so glad to be included in your list of friends!

  11. Blogging is amazing Noreen because even though we've not met our blogging friends *face-to-face*, we've met them *heart-to-heart* and that's the most important of all :o)

    Blessings ...

  12. Noreen~~
    What a wonderful blessing to have "met" you this past year. God is so very Faithful isn't He.
    He does bind all of us together in cords of love. It is truly lovely to see how we are intricately knit together as the Family of God!
    Hugs& Prayers, GG

  13. Noreen,
    Isn't it wonderful the people who bless our lives each day in their words (blogs). I am so happy to have met you and glad to have you as a sister in Christ. HUGS!


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