Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas 2009

Sadie 6/1/99-12/26/09 RIP

Although we did get snow on Christmas eve and some very treacherous weather with high winds but we did not have the white stuff floating around. We had a wonderful time with our family on Christmas eve as well as Christmas morning and Christmas dinner. When we arrived back at home our dearly loved companion was very ill and continued to go downhill quickly. WE got her into the car and headed to the only emergency vet clinic, a 30-40 min. drive due to the bad weather. We went over everything with the vet and although Sadie was in pain she was so gentle even unto the end. Her whimpers were so very soft that one would not know she was in a very bad state. We left her there to get fluids and undergo some blood tests and returned home to await the results. The vet called and with tears told me that it wasn't good and that even with extreme treatment she would not survive. Through sobs, I told the vet to be merciful to her, our beloved friend. We could not return and hold her due to the road conditions and the vet and two assistants, who had been loving on her while we were there, held her and loved her for us to the end. For those of you who have pets and love them you will understand the deep grief we are going through. Our other old dog keeps wandering through the house and around the yard looking for his best friend. Our grandchildren keep saying how they'll miss her and how they loved her. She was the best friend a person could have and she loved us unconditionally. Her dog tag now hangs on our Christmas tree and I know in time I will smile at the memories of her but for now the tears flow as I recall her antics. Here is one that shows her personality~the first weekend we got her from the humane society she made herself at home, immediately by jumping up on the couch. Later we had to run to the grocery store and when we returned she had a present for me, sitting on my pillow. She had gone outside and killed a mole(we didn't even know we had them)and brought it back putting it on my pillow as a present. I wasn't too happy about that but knew it was a gift of love. She was always like that, always faithful and gentle but filled with silly-ness and spunk. She was with us for 8 1/2 years and probably the best dog we ever had.
For those of you with pets, would you give them some extra love for me tonight.
I'm thankful I have Reggie to love on right now.
Hugs, Noreen


  1. Hi Noreen,
    I am so sorry to hear about your Sadie. I remember only too well how hard it was when we had to have our zippy put to sleep about
    7 yrs. ago because there was nothing they could do for him either. We had him for 14 yrs. and he was a wonderful lil Schnauzer we felt that was handpicked by the Lord, he was so perfect for our family. I know this must be a sad time and you will miss him for awhile, dogs are so loving, no wonder people love them so much.
    We can really learn a lot from dogs I think! Sorry you couldn't be with him in his final hours I know that must have been hard too.
    Am glad you have the other doggie to love on. Everyone kept saying why don't you get another one but I said I just don't feel like he is replaceable, if I knew I could get one just like him maybe. Course, now we have these 2 grandaughter dogs that have wormed their way into our hearts and we adore them, but every so often we think about him, he was such a sweetie. They become like members of your family and they are such great companions and just so much fun. Will be praying for you guys.
    So sorry it had to happen so soon after Christmas, but glad it didn't happen while you were away,
    that would probably have been worse. So happy you had such a nice Christmas with your sweet family and grandchildren....I am sure that makes it really fun!
    You take care hon!
    Love and Sympathy hon,

  2. Oh Nor, you know you are in my thoughts and prayers. May you feel God's love and comfort in very warm and real ways as He begins to gently heal your hurt and grieving heart.

    Much love, and deepest sympathy in the loss of your wonderful furry companion.


  3. So sorry for your loss...yours is the third beloved pet that has gone on this past sister's 14 year old cat and a bloggy friends's little white doggie all fell asleep this week...praying for all the hurting hearts....

  4. I'm so sorry Noreen. It's incredibly hard to say goodbye to our animal friends because they give so much unconditonally to us.

  5. Sweet friend, I'm so sorry for your loss. Sending lots of hugs your way. Love ya

  6. Oh, I am sorry to hear that you lost a beloved pet! These sweet creatures make their way right into our hearts. I'm thinking of you today.

  7. Dear Noreen,

    We've had a beloved pet and had to put it to sleep because even with treatment, it wouldn't help.

    What a sad time it was ... because I wasn't able to be there for the 1st one and hold it, I made sure I was there with the 2nd one and I know a little of what you must be feeling right now ...

    Gentle hugs :o)

  8. OH! I am so sorry! I hate losing our pets! They are such a part of our lives and in ways people can not fullfill. It is also sad that our pets lives just aren't long enough. My heart is with you at this time.


  9. Oh My Gosh Noreen,

    I am bawling. Truly have tears going on. Hard to type.

    I absolutely know your grief. Our dogs are our family, our children even. I think the Lord gives us dogs so we can see what unconditional love is all about. I see the Lord gave you an extra special girl in Sadie...

    I love you. I feel your broken heart. Wish I was there to hold you, share Sadie stories and cry. Hugging you now.

  10. Sweet Noreen, (((HUGS)))
    I am so sorry for your loss of your friend, Sadie. Our four-legged little friends make a special place in our hearts.
    I am crying with you, too. I have been on both ends --as a vet. assistant and as a dog owner. I am sure the vet & his asst's loved on her and cried, too; many times I know I did.
    If I were there with you, I would give you a big hug. Know you are loved and praying for you.
    Love & hugs,

  11. So sorry about your dog. She wasn't that old....well I am not sure how long dogs are suppose to live. Have they told you what the problem was?
    I know you just need to grieve for awhile....that is the best thing.
    We had the wedding yesterday and it was wonderful. There is a lot to be said about a small family wedding. Blessings to you and yours (o:

  12. Noreen~~
    I am so very, very sorry. Reading your post through tears ...Our old girl Mercy is beginning to fade and it breaks my heart to think of losing her.
    We also have one of her puppies Cleo, who is 2 1/2 .....She is still like a puppy with Mercy girl, who loves on her everyday.
    Your in my thoughts and prayers dear.
    Hugs, GG

  13. Oh, Noreen, I am so sorry about Sadie. It is so sad to loose a pet that has become part of the family. How lovely to hang her tags on the tree.
    I am glad you have a lovely time with your family!
    Thoughts and prayers for you!

  14. Oh Noreen,
    I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your Sadie. It is so difficult to lose a beloved pet. They are so much a part of our lives and hearts...and family. I will be praying for you and your family. God bless.

  15. aww, I'm so sorry to hear about Sadie. What a cutie. We lost our family dog a couple days after Christmas a few years ago. It's never easy and the holidays seem to make it even harder. I'll be sending many comforting prayers your way.

  16. I'm so sorry to read about Sadie. Dogs become members of families and so it's hard to lose them.

  17. Noreen, I am leaking and can hardly see to type! I am so sorry you have lost a true friend in Sadie. I know so well the way you feel!!! I just posted about how long I have had Bambi. I am dreading that day that will come too soon.
    I only have one dog at a time so I am so lost with an empty house. I have to morn though before I can get another dog.
    God bless you dear, Fern

  18. So sorry to hear about your pet. They do become part of the family and it is hard to loose them.

  19. Noreen,

    Oh my goodness, I am so sad for you. I know that there's nothing that I can say that will help now. But, remember how lucky you were to have Sadie in your life. She was a special and beloved girl. You gave her a wonderful life.


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