Friday, November 27, 2009

Our Thanksgiving

As most of you know, I was frantically working on the finishing touches of a quilt for our newest granddaughter-hoping I could finish it before her arrival. Thankfully by the time I was ready for bed Wednesday night I had finished it-yippee! I've been told that the color looks pink and black but it is actually pink and brown. The back, although hard to see if this photo, is a Beatrix Potter print that my daughter spotted and loved.
Well we also had the best Thanksgiving blessing yesterday-our little Alaina was born in the afternoon. We had been on call since the middle of the night and knew that she would arrive before dinner time. Momma and baby are doing well and should be released from the hospital this afternoon. All four siblings were ecstatic when viewing photos of their baby sister. Due to H1N1, children are no longer permitted at our local hospitals but they seemed content to spend the day playing at Nana and Grandpa's house. I know the next few weeks will be a time of adjustment for all the family and I plan to be there to lend a hand(holding baby of course) whenever I can. Although I don't have any photos of her yet, you can be sure there will be some by this weekend. Our daughter makes giving birth look easy and the photos that I did see make her look radiant(what new mother isn't?)and rested-like she went away for a retreat. Now craziness will begin as everyone settles in.


  1. Praise the Lord. So happy for you Noreen. We also have an Alianna little diffrent spelling. But love the name!
    God Bless your newest precious family member
    Blessings, GG

  2. Oh sweetie...
    Finished in just the nick of time. I love the quilt and the Beatrix Potter print is so precious. Just perfect for Alianna.

    Congratulations, and blessings to you all. I can smell that fresh baby smell already. Thank you so much for sharing her arrival this morning.

    Country hugs sweetie and much love...Sherry

  3. Congratulations to the new Nana! I think sometimes awaiting a new birth of a grandchild is as stressful as being a parent in the same position! LOL
    Love the quilt. It will become a family treasure for her I'm sure in years to come.

  4. Congratulations!!!!

    The quilt is beautiful and completed right on time.
    Blessings to all.

  5. Congratulations Grandma. What a pretty name for a sweet little one. I love how the quilt turned out. Hugs and love.

  6. Praise the Lord!!! How wonderful indeed. Can't wait for pictures (o: So are there 2 boys and 2 girls in that family already?
    The quilt looks beautiful.
    Have a great time with the kids.

  7. Congratulations on the birth of ou new grand daughter! And the quilt is beautiful!

  8. So happy for you and the whole family...what a wonderful Thanksgiving blessing....

  9. So happy for you and she was born on my sister's birthday. Now you will have a great celebration every Thanksgiving like we do in our family. We always have a birthday cake as well as the pies. The quilt is beautiful. Looking forward to pics.

  10. Hi Noreen,
    Congratulations on the birth your wonderful! Alaina is a beautiful name. The quilt is lovely, I love the colors.


    Congratulations on another bundle of joy to the family. May the blessings of the Lord rest upon her.

    Love the quilt. Beautiful.

    Love you.

  12. Oh how fun a new baby in the family!!! Such blessings for the Father!

    I live in Walsenburg- which is SE Colorado(50 minutes S of Pueblo or 1 1/2 hours s of Colorado Springs) I would love to visit sometime though if you are ever down this way. We have done some summer camps in the past in Greely, Co., I am wondering how close to Greely you are? There have been several of us Co. bloggers that have talked about trying to get a blogger get together sometime next year. That would be so much fun!

  13. A beautiful quilt!! And just in time! Congratulations on the new little darling! What a blessing for Thanksgiving.

    I hope to blog again soon. I will send a personal email about the Christmas tea.

  14. WOW!! Nor' this quilt is simply gorgeous!! Love, love, love it!! You did a wonderful job!! WOOHOO on your new little grandy!! Maddy's middle name is Alaine!! Love the name, too! Hope your Thanksgiving was delightful!! We went hunting and had a great time!! It was quite cold, and we didn't get anything, but it was fun!!

    Love to you! My puter is still on the fritz. Hopefully it will be fixed today!!


  15. Noreen,

    The quilt is beautiful! I know they will treasure it.
    Well you trumped everyone with that precious Thanksgiving blessing!


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