Monday, November 30, 2009


This photo was taken 24 hours after our daughter gave birth to Alaina. The whole family is so excited to have a new bundle of joy in their midst.
Grandpa with his newest granddaughter. He is smitten with her.

Nana, big sis Olivia and little Alaina. True joy comes from the blessings the Lord gives and this little one is our Thanksgiving blessing. I'm hoping to get better photos of her this coming week.


  1. Hi Noreen,
    and CONGRATULATIONS!! on that adorable lil bundle. I like her name...very pretty.
    The quilt is gorgeous, you did such a nice job, and so neat you finished right before Alaina was born. God is so good!
    You and hubby look like happy happy grandparents! lol
    So glad your daughter did so well during the delivery and hope the adjustments go as well. That is so nice she has you to help her out. What a blessing!
    Don't have to ask how you are it shows all over your face. That was a sweet pic of you and the baby. You are a radiant Gram-ma
    as well!
    Take Care hon,
    Blessings to you and yours
    and Again Congratulations.

  2. How sweet. How wonderful. I am sure you are tickled 'pink'.
    Guess what?
    Daughter got her ring this weekend (o:
    Now things will move along in a speedy fashion I am sure.
    I need to figure out if I have Fridays off this month. One of the kids Grandparents usually have her a few days.... but they have had some problems, so we will see. Then i will let you know. Soon (o:

  3. Oh Congratulations. What a blessing. I know you are having a ball. Hugs, Marty

  4. How wonderful!!!!! Praise the Lord. She looks so adorable in her little pink outfit.
    Blessings, GG

  5. What wonderful pictures. She looks so adorable and wide awake, ready to take on the world. Congrats to everyone.

    hugs and love

  6. Oh! Joy! JOY! Wonderful!



  7. Love the pictures! Such a sweet little bundle. Thanks for sharing your newest!

  8. awww how lovely - congrats to your family :-)

  9. So sweet...congratulations to all!

  10. What a blessing in your arms!!!!!!
    The quilt done and ready for her.
    You have lots of Grand-babies!!!
    You are so blessed. God loves you.
    Now for the fun time, taking care of her.
    Good times, Fern

  11. What a precious blessing she is. Congratulations to your whole family!! Thank you for sharing her pictures.

  12. Congratulations Noreen ~ little Alaina is truly a precious blessing!

  13. Congratulations, Noreen!
    She is beatiful! How much more special your Christmas will be with the new blessing of Alaina.


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