Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Last Saturday our youngest daughter hosted a baby shower for her big sis. Daughter C above checking our an adorable outfit. After having two daughters, our oldest was in need of more baby clothes and did the Lord provide.

Our youngest put on such a nice ladies tea party and shower for her sister. Several ladies from church brought some goodies but most of the work fell on my girl. Being pregnant with three little ones at home, homeschooling and fitting in doctors appts. for our Peanut made life a bit crazy last week but she did an incredible job. Here she is above holding her youngest, D. I love having two daughters that are so close yet such totally different woman; it is such a blessing. They are always there for one another.
What's a baby shower without a nana in attendance?
Today I'm thankful for:
~two incredible daughters, their hubby's and all our grandchildren. I know I get a bit like a broken record about this but it is one of life's greatest blessings.
~I'm thankful for french toast with real Maple syrup and turkey bacon.
~I'm thankful for sunshine to warm our days.
~I'm thankful for our last pastor in California, the way he shepherded his flock and his great love for the community of believers. Haven't yet found another gem quite like him.
~I'm thankful that we live in a state that has Whole Foods and other health food stores and the availability to get alternatives for Peanut's new diet.
~I'm thankful for living in a time where we can buy "gluetin free" foods, non-dairy foods and other essentials to help our little Peanut grow. I'm thankful for the unknown websites out there, the ability to find them, to help with special diets and menu planning.
~I'm thankful that I have free hours in my day to lend a hand in any way possible, be it childcare or menu planning.
~I'm thankful that I have an Abba Father who knows just where I am and how to meet our deepest needs.
~I'm thankful that with the Lord, nothing is ever wasted and all things are redeemed.
Blessings on your Wednesday.


  1. What a happy occasion and what a lovely post!

    The photos are delightful and you are all truly blessed :o)

  2. Sounds like a beautiful time! A tea party shower sounds perfect!!!

  3. Looks like you had a good time. So many blessings and it is nice that you take the time to note them - something I need to do more often.

  4. Noreen, such lovely girls! It looks like they were having a lovely time. I love the little pink polka dot outfit. How cute is that.

  5. Looks like a great shower. Glad you enjoyed it.
    I talked to Marlene today and we have our plan all set (o: How fun!

  6. I like the idea of a tea party sweet that your daughter did all this for her sister...loved your list of blessings...especially the last one....

  7. Hi Noreen,
    Such a great post, I am so glad that your daughters are so close, as a parent that is one of God's great blessings for us. I know you are really looking forward to those two new blessings coming.
    I always enjoy reading what others are thankful for, and was truly blessed by yours.

    Thank you for coming by and for leaving such a sweet comment,and I am so happy to put your name in the hat.
    Blessings, and hugs,

  8. Absolutely precious!! Loved this message and what a beautiful time for your family.

    Love you dear one.

  9. What a wonderful thank you list. You are such a blessing, sweet lady.

    Looks like a super time at your shower. What wonderful memories being made. Can't wait to be introduced to the new little one.


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