Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Happy Wednesday to you. Today is outdoor Wednesday and I'll be walking with my friend Kam and her pup Lexie in a bit. However, I was so blessed this morning to look out our breakfast room window and see Geese on the course. Firstly, I need to make a disclaimer~while I love all wildlife, when we lived in our old home we had Geese that migrated to the development because of the lakes. I can honestly say walking and trying to avoid goose poop is not fun. When we found out that our golf course here was going to make the wetlands into a lake, we were excited(hubby loves lakes), but then the EPA got involved and said it would ruin some of the habitat for other animals. Well, we don't have a lake, but for the first time in two winters we have a flock of geese grazing through the dormant grass and sitting on the brown bits of land.
Today, they are a good distance away and this suits me just fine.  I love watching them, just don't want the mess.  There are new homes being built on the other side of the wetlands, so I don't anticipate having a major problem with them.  Years ago, I read a book by Jon Katz about his Border Collies; golf courses and parks would hire them to chase the geese away.  It will be interesting to see if they stay longer than a few days.  One island on a lake in our old development was so pretty, but when we kayaked around it, it had a horrendous smell from the geese.
I hope you are having a great week-for those in California, I know that you are thankful for the rain. I'd like you to keep it though for the weekend, so we don't get more snow.  Hubby and I will be heading to Carmel in a week or so, I would enjoy warm weather and no rain while we are there.
Remember seize the moment in your day and laugh!


  1. Noreen, The geese are pretty...but they are a bothersome mess. You are so right about the smell. Let's face it they are no longer endangered. LOL. The El Nino is nasty this year and all mixed up. Hopefully The will not be so much rain that Ca. Has more land slides. I know what you mean by over powering snows too. 74 more days till spring.LOL. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  2. The snow looks wonderful. A beautiful photo. I feel you, Noreen...years ago, the apartments I lived in brought in some ducks, which ended up into lots and lots of ducks and lots and lots of awful poop bombs. It was gross and scary walking behind them. Needless to say they had to relocate them.

    Blessings for a fragrant day,
    Marianne :)

  3. I like seeing the Geese in flight and hearing them honking but when they are on the ground here near our river they are messy and nasty to boot . We are still green and brown here all though cold still no snow for us yet. Nice photo. Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  4. We have the same issue with geese at our local park. No walking going on here, too icy everywhere and I'm still in recovery mode. Grateful for our warm home and a fireplace that turns on with the push of a button. How sweet is that! Enjoy your CA sunshine........

  5. Indeed, that poo smell is pretty overwhelming! I've heard of the border collies being hired to get rid of them around here too. I hope that you have a nice walk with your friend, and no "poo" mess to walk in!

  6. Enjoy the geese too, but not the mess, ! We have a few geese that come each spring and hatch out some goslings!
    The weather certainly been unpredictable lately! We are praying for those who are experiencing all that flooding! Count ourself so blessed!
    Fingers crossed that your weather will be perfect when you take your vacation!

  7. Those geese can really be annoying. The big Sprint campus here in OP used those border collies for several years to keep the geese under control.

    Hope you get to have a snow free week in Carmel, but the CA weather isn't looking too good.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  8. A short while after Mark passed I purchased myself a necklace that has a charm on it that says: 'Embrace the Moment'. I still wear it almost everyday and try to do just that!
    Many family's in our area have ducks that land in their swimming pools, I'm glad that my pool area doesn't have a great landing zone, because I sure would hate to have to clean up after them all the time. Birds are great and necessary, but they definitely leave their mark(s)!! May you enjoy a beautiful week and a fabulous trip to Carmel, it is such a gorgeous place! Blessings, Cindy


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