Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Greetings to you this Wednesday morning. The last two nights, we've had spectacular sunsets and I thought I'd share last nights with you. Enjoy!

Yesterday started out like any quiet day until I read a message by my good friend Val and about her dog Gracie being sick. Val recently lost her German Shepherd Schatzie and was heartbroken. Gracie has been showing some signs of not feeling well and after some research Val determined that it was the kibble they were feeding her. Mind you, Val like most of us, is very conscientious about choosing well known healthy brands~so it was with disappointment that I read she fed her dogs Blue Buffalo. That's what we had been feeding Hunter. After investigating the brand, there are over 1,400 complaints about illness and even death in dogs that were eating this food. Like most brands, there are so many different varieties that I decided I didn't want to chance any sort of issue. So down to the pet store I went; I had planned on Natural Balance but Dick Van Patten no longer owns this company and so I choose Fromm Limited Ingredients to try. Hunter is so picky that as of yet he hasn't eaten any, but this morning Lily comes over and that will more than likely change-because she will eat it. If not, back to the store I go for Natural Balance. What's also funny to me is that I got the Salmon and Tuna variety and our boy loves both these fish, so I figured he'd gobble it up. We'll see how long it takes him. You just can't be too cautious when your fur baby is involved. I hope you have a fantastic Wednesday; our oldest daughter and kiddos are coming over shortly while they have workmen at their house. Should be a fun morning!
Noreen and Hunter


  1. Wow, that is so sad that your friend lost one dog, and another one is sick! My goodness, so scary! I do hope you can find a food that Hunter likes that has nothing in it that will hurt him!

  2. Beautiful photographs.

    Oh, dear. We switched to Blue Buffalo when Chewy stopped carrying NutriSource Heartland Select in August. Lucy seems to be doing quite well but I will definitely check into this. Thanks

  3. Beautiful sunsets. That is too bad about the kibble. It is never fun trying to find a kibble for a icky pup. We eat zignature limited ingredient turkey. Ciara has a sensitive tummy. Fromm is an excellent brand. Good luck.
    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. I've been enjoying our sunsets also!!!!

    We had a huge issue with Natural Balance dog food, back when all the recalls happened. R got very sick, refused to eat, lost a bunch of weight, and his red blood cells remained abnormal for a full 18 months after we stopped feeding Natural Balance. We were not the only ones (and some of dogs, including our friend's dog, died seemingly from a toxin in Natural Balance dog food) - but Natural Balance denied and dodged any responsibility. I doubt anything like will happen to you with that brand but I don't trust them. We primarily feed Wellness Core (grain-free) and sometimes add Orijen fish, or Acana (any of their products).

    I hope you can find something Hunter likes!


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