Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do You Wonder

Good afternoon to you.  I just checked in here and wondered if anyone else wonders about attrition with bloggers, when you see your numbers drop.  Just about the time I notice it, I also begin to wonder why others stop following you-is it simply that they are too busy, no longer find your blog interesting or some other reason.  Life moves on and it's never been about my numbers, but still I would be curious as to why people leave.  Periodically, I find myself not checking in on blogs, but usually it is because those bloggers have thousands of follows.  If I offend someone, I would honestly like to know-not that I will change who I am, but maybe so I can be more sensitive. 
Just pondering this blogging occurrence.   I think we all clean out of reader from time to time. 
If you've got any insight, please share. 


  1. My numbers recently dropped too, I wonder if it isn't a built-in device that removes readers who don't check on my blog anymore. For some reason the numbers always drop in groups of three. I, like you, hope I didn't offend any readers or become supremely boring; just in case my aforementioned theory is incorrect!

  2. I saw your post on Murphys blog! My blogger friend said its something to do with Google Friend Connect and blogger doing a purge. I lost like 5 last night and thought, man my post must suck. Hahahaha. Kind of feels good we are all in this together!

  3. It is interesting that you would bring it up since I just noticed today that two followers dropped my blog. I am sure there are many different reasons...not sure I would want to know. I'm hard enough on myself over what I write!

  4. I'm not sure I have any insight but I do know that when I get super busy or have a season like the past few weeks, I hardly find time to breathe, let alone read/write blogs. But, I do notice when people no longer check in, I'm sure they have seasons too. Hope you are enjoying your winter and are staying warm, quilting lots, and seeing a few good movies! Blessings, Cindy

  5. I like the new look of your blog, it is beautiful! And as to the numbers changing, it could be because of the changes google and blogger are making, I don't know. I enjoy what I read here, and am always happy to visit :)

  6. Like the last commenter, I noticed that I lost a couple last night, and then I read Murphy's post. Something weird is happening in the blogosphere that is not within our control! It's Google's fault!

    Funny, I also wondered if I'd become even more boring than usual ;) Us women, we always blame ourselves (at least, that's my observation!).

  7. This week my followers went from 82 to 81, to 82, and then back down to 81 tonight. I don't have many followers, and I too wonder what causes some to unfollow me...

  8. Hi Noreen! I used to have a Blogger blog, until my GFC broke, and no one could help me fix it. I think there are problems with the plugin.
    I do find too, as I think we've discussed, if you don't visit and comment others, they just don't come back. Most bloggers are writing because they like to connect, and have a community feel. That's something I've had to accept, and I get it.

    Now, not everyone has the time to get around to all their followers, one commenter said she has 81? Yikes. That's a lot of visiting and commenting!

    I know I do what I can to get around to everyone who visits me, and it's really lovely to create a bond with other bloggers. If you have a good blog friendship, it's never about 'boring posts', in my opinion. Relationship always comes first with me!

  9. we lost 8 the other night, it is a google thing not a lost friend thing.
    stella rose

  10. Hi, Noreen...I've had my blog on Wordpress since 2010, and since then the visitor count has dropped dramatically. In my situation, many of the bloggers who were loyally stopping by ended up dropping their own blogs for one reason or another, and drifted away. I notice, however, that on occasion one or two may 'silently' drop by my blog to see what's going on, but they do it behind the scenes.

    There are many reasons why followers stop coming by...I have found that it is usually because of something in their personal lives. But now that I have very few people dropping by, I find it's a good time to regroup and rethink a new direction. My latest ebook will be available February 1st, and now I'll be giving that a break in order to turn my attention to other creative projects that are yearning to have a face-lift or come to fruition.

    And one last thing I've noticed is that Instagram seems to be replacing blogging in a big way. Lots of bloggers I know of have stopped blogging and are now using Instagram as their venue.

    Blessings to you today,

    1. I hope we don't lose more to Instagram, I would miss all the fun blogs I've discovered.

  11. Honestly I don't check my numbers. I'm just glad that there are still people blogging. Have a nice weekend.


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