Monday, November 30, 2015

Where or where did November go? It just flew by and now we are embracing December.
Hubby and I had a wonderful Thanksgiving with our entire crew-all 17 of us.
The food was so good and in lieu of pies our girls made bars, both apple and pumpkin. We did not overdo, which is a good thing because we haven't been able to get out and walk. On Friday we spent the day getting the tree up and finishing the house. On Thursday, after we got our cooking done nod before heading to our girls house, we were able to wrap all of our Christmas presents. It feels so wonderful to have it done. I still have to get some things for hubby, but in all it feels so good.
It's good I'm relaxed because my laptop is still having issues, so until I can get my photos loaded on hubby's Mac Air, my posts may seem boring.  This week will be filled with sewing with the grands, setting up and going to an ornament exchange and a neighborhood Open House. We have more snow in the forecast, so I may get more stitching done.  Yesterday while shoveling the walkway, I took a small tumble, from the ice-I'm fine but it is unnerving to have it happen. As I've gotten into my 60's, I realize how easy it is to break a bone.  I have enough of Dr. visits and hospital stays to last a lifetime and I hope I never have to go through it again.  I just want to make it clear that I wasn't hurt and am figuring out how to deal with ice on our walkway, I'll probably put down salt.
I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are embracing December.


  1. So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving, and oh my do I ever envy you having most of your Christmas shopping and wrapping done. Last year I pulled it off wonderfully, but this year I am soo behind. I am sure I will get there so no reason to stress I keep telling myself. The rest of your week sounds good....enjoy! Soo glad you weren't hurt in your fall. I know what you mean. I TRY to be soo careful as a fall these days could just be a disaster. Have a good week!

  2. Good thing you didn't get hurt in that fall! Mom has tumbled a few times while running and it is not a good thing! We are wondering what happened to November too!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  3. Ice is very dangerous - Mom's biggest fear in the winter. She has bad bones and doesn't want to break any more. Do be careful, especially with that black ice that is so deceiving.

    Woos - Ciara and Lightning

  4. I'm glad you had a great Thanksgiving! Sorry about your tumble -- *We* don't stumble/tumble like we did when we were 10, do we? :-) Have a great week!!

  5. I am glad you did not aeriously hurt yourself

  6. So happy your Thanksgiving we wonderful. I hosted our family of 18 this year. Everything turned out great, food, fun, lots of laughter and joy. You are well ahead of me, I don't have anything wrapped and very little purchased, just haven't seemed to be in much of a hurry, I guess! Enjoy the week ahead. Hoping you don't get too much snow! Was that game last night amazing or what??? Blessings, Cindy


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