Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Weird Weather

Baby(you know) it's cold outside when  Hunter snuggles in to a nice comfy blanket and just won't move.  Last night was such a night.  We were supposed to get snow, but got rain instead and then heavy snow and blizzard strength winds were supposed to hit us during the night. I had decided if the weather was to be that bad, that I wasn't going to our last study this morning.  It was a brunch for our last class and I had a large egg & vegetable casserole to make, but decided I wasn't going to make it since I probably wouldn't be able to go.  Dear hubby kept telling me to make it as the weather wouldn't be that bad, even thought the forecasters were saying it would be. When I got up at 6:30 am to look out the window and see who much snow we'd gotten, I saw no snow.   So we got up and hubby ran to the golf course to open, while I began making the casserole.  I was able to get out of the house on time and make it to the study.  I'm so thankful I did, I have loved the ladies and although I'll see most of them in Jan., I wanted to wish them the best over the holidays.  It is amazing how close you can become to a group  of ladies in 10 weeks time, but that is what happens when you share your heart with others.  Now I've got more free time to work on my quilt and on miscellaneous projects for Christmas.  It does feel good to have  time off, but I know by January I'll be ready to be there again.  Our weather today is clear, but snow is covering our foothills; I'm heading downstairs to continue on in my sewing room. I hope that you are staying warm and safe, as many of the states are having unusual weather patterns too-such as Kansas and Texas.
Until tomorrow~
Noreen and my adorable sidekick Hunter


  1. It's been crazy here! Glad you were able to get to your brunch. Do you have the snow yet? Lots of my Colorado friends have kids home from school for a snow day today!

  2. So glad you were able to make it after all! We've had rain, rain, and more rain with crazy winds. If it were much colder, we'd be in the midst of a blizzard.

  3. It is amazing how close knit a group of "strangers" that share their innermost feelings connect and form bonds that make them seem like family. I am glad you connected with a group like that.

    The weather here is cold, rainy and dreary. I am dreading the snow that is coming. xo Diana

  4. Noreen, I saw your weather on the weather map today. Wow..it's winter there. It rained here and is getting colder..and our local weatherman said by Friday evening some flakes would be mixed in the rain. Glad you had a good day with your friends. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  5. And its crazy weather here too,, pouring rain,, and the lights keep flickering on and off

  6. Oh I am so glad to hear you made it to your study afterall.
    And yes I LOVE how the Lord knits our hearts together with those women who open their hearts to each other and look into His Word together. Such a special bond. We have had some cooler weather here FINALLY too, down into the low 40's at night, but we are going to hit the low eighties again at the end of this week. Those days don't seem as warm though when it cools off sooo much at night. Hope the rest of your week is good!


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