Thursday, November 7, 2013

Last year at this time, I began making doll clothes for all my granddaughters but for some reason I just can't get motivated to start this year. One of our granddaughter's-Peanut-loves the quilt I made her when she was born, but it is so tattered and although mended once, it needs to be folded and put away. It is not the only quilt I have made her and her mom made her one as well, but they didn't have the same feeling her original one did. Now my girl Kim is multi-talented and often makes their clothes; a couple of summers ago she made them all p.j.'s and used a fabric I wasn't familiar with-Voile or Lawn Cotton(at first I thought she was talking about Toile)and Peanut loved the fabric. Peanut is very sensitive about material and textures so it is important to use fabrics that she likes. Kim decided recently to make Peanut a lap size quilt out of Voile, but because Peanut loves her nana's work, Kim asked me to quilt it. This quilt will be filled with lots of love from her mama and me.  I've never worked with this fabric before; it has a feeling very similar to silk. Most of the quilting will be easy but the center square is pretty detailed; hope you can see it in this photo.
We have a pretty relaxed day today; this afternoon we head down the road to go to some friends for dinner.
There is a college football game on t.v. that we will record-Stanford vs Oregon; we grew up near Stanford so will be routing for them.
Hope your Thursday is filled with smiles and laughter!
Noreen & Hunter


  1. That fabric is beautiful, and your quilting on it is gorgeous! This will be so special! Well done!

  2. What a pretty quilt - I can't wait to see it finished. I'm not familiar with voile. I wonder if it rhymes with toile. ;-)

  3. Mom has a quilt for dad that is all cut out except 2 pieces. It is going to be in the 60's for 4 days so she says it will wait even longer.

    Murphy and Stanley

  4. That is very pretty. My MOM's idea of sewing is, as I have said before, duct tape and stapler. Yea, her method does not make for pretty quilts. Have a beautiful day my friend. Give Hunter a nose poke from me.

  5. Hi Noreen! Popping in to say hello and wish you a happy weekend. Your quilting is beautiful. You really are very multi-talented! Hugs to you and to Hunter! xo Jeanne, Chloe and LadyBug

  6. Was that a GREAT game or what!! I too am a Californian by birth and even though I didn't always love Stanford, I always route for a CA team when they play out of state colleges! Love the quilt, enjoy your weekend!!

  7. Very pretty material.....what a precious gift for your granddaughter! I have never tried quilting....we have a few that have been gifts, though.


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